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Product and Topic Expert
When working with a highly customizable cloud solution like SAP Enterprise Product Development, the implementing team (Administrators) must navigate through a number of options and scenarios before actually making the application available for their businesses.

With reference to my previous blog ‘Getting Started with SAP Enterprise Product Development’. While supporting successful go-live for many customers, I had also put together a list of considerations when engaging with the customers and partners, with particular focus on getting Enterprise Product Development up and running. I thought I’d make these available for your reading pleasure and thoughts, to help you implement the solution or even explore the various facets in play.

Setup subaccount for Enterprise Product Development

Start with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The link for which can be found in the welcome email that you should have received with the confirmation of your purchase of the solution and details confirming that Enterprise Product Development is available in your BTP global account.

  • If you have bought Enterprise Product Development and not received the welcome email or are not able to access BTP report an incident with SAP support using the component ‘BC-CP-CF-CPT’.

  • If you are looking to buy Enterprise Product Development, go to the product page and ‘Request a quote’.

Once you have your SAP BTP Cockpit open, as a global account administrator, you can subscribe to Enterprise Product Development from an existing or new subaccount from the following regions, as of 2021 SAP Enterprise Product Development is available in three regions, (ref. Selecting a Region)

  • Europe (Netherlands) region with Microsoft Azure as the provider

  • Europe (Frankfurt) region with Amazon Web Services as the provider

  • US East (VA) region with Amazon Web Services as the provider.

Creating a new subaccount for Enterprise Product Development

Enterprise Product Development is a cloud solution hosted and managed on BTP. Where you can have one or multiple subaccount(s) for your global account(s).

To create a new subaccount, use the ‘Create’ button on the global account overview page.

  • In the ‘Create Subaccount’ popup, enter a desired display name.

    • When creating a dedicated subaccount to implement Enterprise Product Development, SAP generally recommends using a user-friendly name that can help you identify the landscape. For example, if an organization named ‘Autobot’ would like to implement the solution with two types of landscapes, the following can be the name options pattern, ‘<org> epd <type>’ (‘autobot epd dev’, ‘autobot epd prod’).

  • Select a region among Europe (Netherlands), Europe (Frankfurt) or US East (VA).

  • ‘Create’ a subaccount.

Setup entitlement for Enterprise Product Development

Follow these steps to configure required entitlement for the solution, (ref. Entitlements)

  1. In the SAP BTP Cockpit click on the subaccount to navigate to the subaccount overview page

  2. Go to ‘Entitlements’

  3. Choose ‘Configure Entitlements’, then ‘Add Service Plans’.

  4. In the entitlements pop-up, search for the capability and select the service plan standard (Application).

  5. To close the entitlements popup screen, choose ‘Add Service Plans’.

  6. In the entitlements list, choose Save.

Now you have the entitlement added and saved, you can subscribe to corresponding application of Enterprise Product Development. In addition to this, based on your business requirement, you would also need entitlements for other service you may want to integrate to like workflow, PLM Foundation etc.

Setup subscription for Enterprise Product Development Applications

Setup trust for Enterprise Product Development

Using SAP Identity Authentication service (IAS), you can manage your users in Enterprise Product Development.

  • If you do not already have an IAS tenant, please request it via the BTP cockpit as described in IAS Tenant Model and Licensing, section ‘Getting a Tenant’.

  • If you already have an IAS tenant: Just go to the BTP trust setup and configure the trust to the existing IAS tenant. For information about how to configure the trust, see IAS ‘Create a New Application’.

  • If you wish to use a 3rd party/Corporate IdP with SAP Cloud Identity Services - Identity Authentication, refer to SAP Note 3080900

Setup user management for Enterprise Product Development

Using Role Collections in BTP you can assign the required roles to your users in BTP.

  • If you have User Groups/Groups defined in your Identity Provider (like IAS), you can map Role Collections to User Groups in the Trust settings in BTP. (ref. Mapping Role Collections in the Subaccount)

  • If you want to manage user roles using BTP, you can directly assign the Role Collections to Users in BTP. (ref. Default Role Collections)


If you have any questions related to the implementation of the solution, you can also post your question on the SAP community using the tag SAP Enterprise Product Development.

Please do share your feedback and let us know in the comments section and hit the like button if this post was helpful. You can also tell us if you would like to read about one of these topics in more details. Follow the tag SAP Enterprise Product Development to receive notifications on future content in this area.

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