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Storing confidential data on your mobile is still problematic today. You can encrypt your data locally, but if your device is lost, so is your data. You can make backups on the Internet, but do you trust the hosting service enough for giving it your sensitive data?

We came-up with a prototype solving this problem (here below a screenshot of the main screen).

19 mainScreenMenuOptions.png

The idea is to allow anyone (not only SAP employees) to access to their possibly confidential data from their mobile device in a way which is:

  • Ensuring confidentiality: if your device is stolen, no data will possibly leak
  • Ensuring availability: you can retrieve your data from everywhere


The solution proposed is to apply the principle of RAID-5 to Cloud services (and to tweak it a bit). In essence:

  • Your documents are split into 3 parts
  • With 2 out of the 3 parts, you can reconstruct the original document
  • Having access to only 1 part is worthless


The idea is then to store 1 of the parts on your local device and to store the other 2 onto two cloud services (e.g. Dropbox etc.). No need to trust the external providers since they will never have more than 1 part of your files, and as long as you have an Internet access, you can reconstruct any document.

Oh, and it's simple to use. The configuration takes two minutes. After that, the app will do the work for you !

You can promote this idea by voting.

You will find there a link to a video and a link where to download our .apk file and test it on your Android device.

Click on the link !

Looking forward to reading your comments there.

Stay secure,