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Business Case

With the help of the SFC Report you can analyze which components are assembled on a specific Shop Floor Control (SFC) Object. After typing in the SFC number, you can find under the section Components the corresponding information:

Component Search in SFC Report

Many customers however want to start their search with the component in order to identify all the SFCs and Orders which have the specific component assembled (backward search). With the following manual you can create easily an Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (eSAC) Dashboard for component search in SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM). It’s additionally possible to filter for customer related information (e.g. VENDOR_BATCH) which is collected during assembly process.

Setup of Custom Data

In SAP DM it is possible to create customer specific Data Fields via Manage Data Fields App:

Manage Data Fields App

On or more Data Fields can then be attached to a Data Type via Manage Data Type App. In this case we only use one Data Field in one Data Type, which have the same name (VENDOR_BATCH):

Manage Data Types App

If you want to force the operator to collect this information during the component assembly process, it is possible to attach this Data Type to the Material Master of the component in Manage Materials App:

Manage Materials App (Component)

Assembly Component via POD

In this chapter we are creating transactional data for the upcoming Dashboard in the next chapter. We access an Operation Activity POD and assembly the component R-123456-01 on the SFC SFC_FA11011_1. For the VENDOR_BATCH we use the value VB12345:

Assembly Component on SFC

After clicking on the button Add, the component is assembled, and we have a data input for the eSAC Dashboard.

Setup Dashboard in DM

A Dashboard can be created via Manage Dashboard App in SAP Digital Manufacturing. After clicking on the Button Create you must first define the “Query” via Query Designer, which delivers the data input for the UI of the Dashboard. The two steps are described in the next steps in detail.

Query Designer

The Query Designer provides many so called MDOs (Manufacturing Data Objects) which includes the collected / created data within SAP Digital Manufacturing. For our Dashboard we drag the MDO SFCAssemblyEvents to the Query Designer and combine it with the MDO SFCAssemblyDataField:

Query Designer in Manage Dashboards App

It is possible to choose the columns which then can be shown in the UI afterwards:

Edit Columns in Query Designer

In our Dashboard we use:


  • BOM

  • BOMComponentMaterial

  • Order

  • RoutingStep

  • Sfc


  • DataFieldLabel

  • DataFieldValue

After saving the Query, the UI can be set up in the next step.


Now we choose a simple table to show our collected data. Under Dimensions it is possible to select the already defined columns of the MDO:

Generated UI in Manage Dashboards App

We see now all the assembled components per SFC and Order with their custom related information.

It the next step we define Filters for the Columns BOMComponentMaterial, DataFieldLabel and DataFieldValue. After clicking on the Filter Button (Section Tools) you can add Filters to one or more Table Columns (here BOMComponentMaterial):

Filter Function in Manage Dashboards Apps

With the Filter Functionality it easy to search for specific Components, DataFields (VENDOR_BATCH) or even Data Field Values (VB12345) and you see all the affected Orders and SFCs.

A similar backward search for components is planned for a future SAP Digital Manufacturing Release within SFC Report. Until the feature is available, the eSAC Dashboard is a feasible and easy way for the component backward search.