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Setting up an online event is easy, don't you think? You go to the webinar application of your choice, set up day, time, and title, you invite your panelists and participants, you agree on an agenda and come up with a presentation, and there you go.

Yes, for some events it is as easy as that, but let me invite you for a tour behind the scenes of our latest event on November 21 and you'll find out that there's more to it.

Before we even start detailed planning, we're facing the time zone challenge. Our audience is located all over the world and we want to reach as many participants as possible, so we have to choose the time wisely. Once that's decided, we're setting up the event page to promote our event not only internally and externally via email invitations, but also via our social media channels. Also, the website helps us to organize the registration process. We’re extremely happy to have a large group of PLM ambassadors in our organization who support us by posting social media cards or videos which we jointly prepared for them on LinkedIn to make their networks aware of the event.

Our event core team meets regularly with various stakeholders to decide on an agenda, and you can probably imagine that there is more than one iteration. To make a good agenda really great, we're also reaching out to our customers and partners to get them on board as panelists, too. It is awesome for us and hopefully for you as our guests as well to see our product in action and hear first-hand customer stories and listen to the journeys they're taking with SAP Enterprise Product Development.

Once all dry-runs and technical checks are done and the day of the event has finally arrived, the SAP team is in constant back-up exchange in parallel to the live session to quickly react to any questions which might come up on short notice, to jump in in case a presenter faces technical issues or even worse, a crash of the webinar application (believe me, we've been there!). We monitor the webinar chat and provide answers in real-time, we're spotlighting presenters and flash Mentimeters to the screen to add an interactive flavor to the event. Long story short, we're anything but bored.

The day after is fully dedicated to post-event activities. We’re running an event debrief with the core team and panelists, we send a thank you note to the participants along with the recording, the slides and a link to give feedback. We start writing blogs and produce videos for social media to spread the word even further.

Running those events is a continuous learning experience for everyone involved. In the last six months, we hosted four events with 600 participants, and it was a great pleasure to work together as one team to deliver high-class events for everyone who is interested to learn about PLM in the cloud. We're looking forward to many more to come in 2023 as we strive to make your event experience even better based on your feedback. Connect with us in our SAP Community and be amongst the first to learn about upcoming events.

Last but not least, I would like to invite you to also read niesel blog (coming soon) to dive deeper into the content of our event on November 21st, it is a well-invested time, so stay tuned! If you enjoy reading blogs about PLM even more, click here.  

Are you involved in organizing events as well? Share your thoughts and feedback and leave a comment! To sign up for further glimpses behind the scenes of our upcoming events, follow sina.goetz here in this Community.