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Long ago the blog "WWI for Experts" crashed and roughly 1/3 of the document have been deleted .

As WWI seems to be still the "Top 5 asked" topic, may be once again some hints are needed to help you in use of "WWI" as a tool.


WWI What is it used for

Using WWI the company is able to collect data from SAP module EHS (but e.g. as well MM, SD etc.) to print on a document (which might be stored in a document in DMS in SAP).

To use WWI as a tool (for developers) and in daily business a lot of topics need to be checked (and avoided).

The developer always needs a local WWI installation to use transaction CG42. Therefore: it is a good idea to check regularly the WWI version on your client.

For End User (who would to get in touch with the documents as generated with WWI) in most cases as well a local WWI version is needed (e.g. Report From Template; Report Information System etc.).

Depending on the use of EHS: you need to understand that GLM is using WWI different and the WWI set up in SAP is different.

But the most important topic is to understand the set up of a "WWI  Generation" server and why a WWI Generation server is needed (and how to control the WWI server 24 h 7 days) and how you can monitor the WWI Gen Server farm (keep in mind: GLM is here different in set up !).

We can differentiate tree major uses of a WWI Generation server

1.) to generate a report (to be stored in e.g. DMS)

2.) to support e.g. the Safety Data Sheet Dispatch process

3.) to support the use of GLM Label print options

4.) e.g. Support the "TremCard" topic, SOP generation and many other stuff

Based on the many discussions here:

It is seems to be that the topic of WWI Generationserver (correct set up etc.) is a challenge for many consultants.

A huge number of threads could be listed in context of "WWI layouting" (the process as such and anything around that).

A Standard Questions look like

"Provide me a list of T Code to generate a MSDS"

The correct answer to this question (on a useful level) need a booklet.

Other questions come up in the area as:

  • The use and set up of generation variants

  • How to move a WWI templates from Dev to Qual to Prod.

The most crucial topics seems to be the "Report symbol" topic, e.g. like what report symbols do we have in SAP standard, how to use them; how to set up new report symbols etc.

According experience: looking on WWI layout, may be in 80% of the cases you will use SAP standard symbols and in 20% of the cases will use own developped symbols.

But what options are there to "simplify" all this?

One option might be to use services as SERC; but this is only possible if you use a SAP EHS Standard Set up in SAP EHS.

The other option is: if yóu must create own symbols, own layouts etc. Try to deliver first a version 1.0 and then improve this step by step. In many cases: with Version 1.0 you satisfy 80% of the needs.

Keep in mind: Two times a year a new WWI version is available via SAP Marketplace. Check always if you need to install this version (in ANY place !!). In many cases SAP is not only delivering a new WWI version but some extensions are delivered as well (enlarging the capability of the use of WWI)

In the following section references to threads in this FORUM should be listed discussing issues in different areas. The list is not complete, not sorted.. etc


PAY ATTENTION: Many of the threads listed below discuss more than one topic; the grouping done is only a "hint"


WWI Set up

Link Description General quite helpful blog WWI installaiotn Job set up Local WWI installaiotn General quite helpful blog Local / Central WWI installaition
WWI PLM report generation.



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Report distribution

Label topics

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html  Very interesting topic (pdf generation) Very interestind discussion

Complex topis

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