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Proceed after reading through the following documents,

How to begin with..?

Property Tree:

You should have a fair idea about "Property Tree". First Decide the Property Tree which you are going to use for your report template.

Ensure you completed the " Phrase set to Attribute Assignment" & "Match up Master Data" if you have created new phrase sets..!

Style Sheet:

Creating a report template in WWI is relatively easy, if you use Styles Template and in particular for reports other than Label.

For Label templates, the convenience of using Style sheet is in question.

Blue Print:

Like any other project work, you need to have a blue print of what you are going to create & how to do it list.

Eg. Create a excel sheet and maintain the list for the following, after listing out the "Static Objects" you would like keep in the template

Mapping the fields:

1.Value assignment type you would need.

2.Type of Repeating group you would require.

3.Where & which fields you need to expand as Graphic, phrase code.(Care has to be taken for Expansion type Identifier.)

4.Decide any WWI Processing methods you would require ?

5.List out where you need to use Blank compression, Conditional output, character sizing ?

6.If it is Label, then decide where you have to user "User Entry" ?

Deciding the layout:

7.Which fields needs to be printed in color.

8.Determine the font for your document( should decide this after concluding the report language & Generation Variant)

Other preparatory steps:

9.Check for the graphic files in the graphic Folder and verify it.

10.Ensure the graphic files are kept in WWI Generation Server as well !

11.Ensure the WWI.INI settings in both WWI Generation Server & your front-end PC (where you would design the template layout) are          same !

After opening/creating the document in CG42, clear the formatting and format the document according to your need. Now & then "Save" the unique styles you use in your document. This would be indeed very helpful..!

Later will create document concentrating on

1.Slave Groups

2."Generation Variant" , "Usage"  , "Report Language" , which are the "Core" for WWI Layout Template Creation. But needs a lot of time to understand those and then only you can make "usable" Report Template...!