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Dear all

still WWI seems to be still the tool with most of the interest here raising many questions (even in 2019).

Many consultants seems to try to use complex WWI options to handle WWI output. Yes you can do it and yes you can use the many features as existing. But try to make it simple. As simpler as better you can support.

Experience shows that for MSDS/SDS more or less the same questions are addressed here quite often.

To a certain extent with is true for GLM as well (e.g. questions like "how to generate multi language WWI reports).

There is an indication that many people love to use "if/else/endif" logics. And yes we have topics as "Trade Secret" or chapter 16 (R-Phrases / H phrase) etc.

Below only a small list of questions raised in this context are listed.

Please check as well the many WWI blogs existing on WWI topics here.

Overall: On regular basis questions are raised in context of


  • GLM

  • Report Distribution

  • WWI Server set up / WWI jobs

  • Local WWI / WWI on server installation

  • Unicode topics

  • Performance topics (many in the area of GLM)


The blogs:



seems not helping the community.

The questions might be:

  • Is the tool to complex?

  • Is the demand from customer to complex?

Looking into future (and looking on the option of the e.g. using "Idea place" of SAP to share ideas):

  • What are your wishes of a future solution in S/4 HANA?

  • What could be simplified?? Optimized ?

  • What is missing?

  • etc.

Please share your ideas/doubts etc. By using this option: may be SAP can provide a better solution


This is a list of examples of threads in relation to WWI which have been selected by "random" and clearly arfe only a sublist of the many ! threads discussing WWI topics.

I have added now some further thread discussing WWI topics. Please use teh search options availble here before you ask questons. (WWI Server / WWI jobs) (GLM topic)


THEREFORE: please checl the many blogsand threads to make sure that yopru question/doubts hasn't been addressed yet.