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Hello MII Developers,

In this blog post, I want to demonstrate the web-based UI5 editor for SAP MII. I noticed most of the MII developers use external editors to write the code and copy-pasting it into the workbench. So I taught of avoiding this process by developing the web-based UI5 code editor.

By using this editor we can directly edit MII web files in the browser and on save it saves the files straight into MII Workbench. Below are the few features of this web IDE.

  • It gives the auto code suggestions and errors if any while typing the code. We can also perform all the other actions like creating a file, creating a folder, copying and pasting the files, etc. 

  • We can create a complete UI5 app from the template with a few clicks.

  • One more add-on feature is creating and maintaining versions for a file. at any point, we can commit the code and it stores the code to MDO. This helps to prevent losing previous code.

  • We can Split the tab into two and work on multiple files simultaneously side by side. This feature is useful when we work with multiple files at a time or with large files.

  • We can also view the API reference directly from the editor without going to another tab. This helps focus on the code and logic.

Below is a short video demonstrating all the features of this code editor. also, get this Open source Project in GitHub 

This the extension to the editor developed by christian.libich5


I hope you have got how to set up and use the MII code editor to improve the UI5 application development in SAP MII.

Please, let me know your comments. If you have any questions, I encourage you to post in the comment section and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Please follow me for more useful content.