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If you check Specification Category you will find one quite interesting thread discussing the options to "customize" EHS classic.

This option shows the "highest" option (which I know) in hierarchy you can use to start the work and generate a complete different EHS Classic "look and feel". You should only use this option if you really have a good picture about the SAP architecture used (e.g. reading, writing data etc.).

The options to change EHS classic function using the SAP standard are quite large. Some examples are mentioned here:

Customer Exits in SAP EHS MANAGEMENT

Further examples are mentioned here:

EHS Specification Identifier Exit

How to configure VAT of Category COMPOSITION

Identifiers in Material Master Specification Screen

Especially the last option is a "core" one which is used very often. The use of so called "Identification listings". Here a lot of options exists to adapt EHS classic look and feel.

E.G. Sap EHS Specification Workbench - How to Make value assignment (Invert  Axis) default to either hori...

talks about set up of value assignment. Especially this option need to be checked deep. Not always you will get the "wished" effect.

Especially in the "design" of a property tree a lot of options exists to "enhance/change/modify" look and feel in EHS. Some examples are listed here

Value assignment type set upProblem with Property Tree Value Assignments - Recipe Management
Value assignment type set upSet up Table based Value Assignments
Value assignment type set upvalue assignments under danger goods regulations
Value assignment type set uptable-based value assignment
Value assignment type set upDuplicate characteristics in Table-Based Value Assignments
Value assignment type set upEHS - value assignment types
Value assignment type set upvalue assignment category B & D
Value assignment type set upProperty Tree Value Assignment
Value assignment type set upvalue assignment and value assignment type in the specification workbench
Value assignment type set uptable based value assignment
Value assignment type set upEHS: Set up Table-based Value assignment Error.
Value assignment type set upSet Up Table Based Value Assignment
Value assignment type set upEHS - value assignment types
Check BADI which is mentioned in the linkEditing Value Assignments - Specification Management (EHS-BD-SPE) - SAP Library
The specified item was not found.
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Set of of phrase based characteristicshow  to carry out the following two steps for edit-phrase-set to charracter
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how shall i add new tab in cgab transaction under property tree.
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EHS Set upChange in SAP EHS Data model from using Specification of REAL_SUB as compositions to other REAL_SUB ...
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EHS Set upcharacteristics to Value assgmt type    SAP_EHS_1103_001
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Classes/CharacteristicsQuestion on how to updating EHS classes/properties keyword
Classes/CharacteristicsHow to make a characteristic invalid / or delimit in a class in SAP EHS
Classes/CharacteristicsPiece list  transport for SAP standard class.
Classes/CharacteristicsUse of Classification System in EHS
Classes/CharacteristicsMoving(transporting) Class/Char/phrase from Dev to Quality
SpecialIdentify list of UoM currently used by all EHS Reports
SpecialCharacteristic of Data Type = Date follows User Profile Only

If you dig deeper in the technical part of this set up you will immediately identify additional options to "change" lool and feel of EHS. Some of these options are really helpful. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE set up of standard SAP Value assignment type and if so: DOCUMENT WELL your changes.

Generally. Check SAP Online help. e.g. Value Assignment Types and Characteristics Setup - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library

as well as:

Value Assignment - Specification Management (EHS-BD-SPE) - SAP Library

Creating Characteristic Fields in EH&S - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library

Further more. If you check customizing you will find options to change look and feel of "Hitlist" in CG02/CB02BD.