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Predictive analytics, AI and ML are the buzz words in today’s day to day business. Whether be it they are part of SAP Leonardo or Big Data analytics or Data Science technologies. They have great potential to change the way the business is running today and there are already many number of Uses cases covering Social Science, Fraud detection, Retail, and Medical analytics etc. I would like to list out some use cases specially with respective to how they can be of help to SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management module perspective.
- Worker Safety assessment is the one of the widely used use case to show case the capabilities of the IoT, Big Data and is certainly the most important use case for oil and nature gas refineries and places where such obnoxious gases are released either knowingly or unknowingly. The timely monitoring of the sensor readings and their real time tracking of the increased levels with the personal biological matrices are useful in managing the safety of the persons.

- The second such cases where the data from the sensors is used to analyze the predict is ambient monitoring in industrial boilers or sites operating the streaming the CEMS on a continuous manner for meeting the Permits. By tracking the pollution levels on a continuous manner for different combinations of the pollutants it is possible to pin point on a exact manner which combination of fuel / reactor could be the root cause like leak detection etc.,. Which can trigger equipment maintenance.

- The third such use case is around the prediction of injury while operating at a certain equipment or location. By evaluating the different root causes for a certain incident it is possible to evaluate the behavior data / equipment parameters and / or skill level and nature of incidents that might be recurring on a continuous manner. Though detailed behavior based assessment is currently not part of EHSM but the core Incident information will be of great help in carrying out the assessment.

- The next big data analytics can be applied to track the Chemical Compliance checks with respect to product marketability assessments. By combining the product characteristics along with different regional database it can be possible to evaluate the product marketability in real time.

- Next big application of IoT and ML is on the transportation of Dangerous Goods transportation equipment and real time monitoring and control of parameters to manage the Dangerous goods. A series of Continuous sensors along with DG data will be of great help in monitoring and controlling the required parameters to safe guard the people and assets while transporting.

- The next application is around the substance volume tracking along with internal consumption and import details for a particular chemical along with detailed market insights about the production scenarios and trade barriers impacting he salability of a particular chemical companies can take decision in real time whether to opt for a particular suppliers or particular region while sourcing the chemicals and also importing the chemicals.

Besides there are many cases where SAP Leonardo / IoT / ML can be applied without core SAP EHSM module like management of Agricultural Production, its evaluation be it monitoring of physical parameters, production data, use of Spatial technologies and also a use case around real time pollution management, which happened to be my Doctoral Thesis using conventional TCP / IP technologies way back in 2004.

Thanks and Regards