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How can Unmanned Aerial Vehicles aka drones contribute in the insurance sector, assisting from Accident situation until claim settlement?

Imagine that you don’t need to fill in an accident form(drawings etc) anymore, that you receive your claim details in minutes. Even going further, you get suggestions to book available garages to repair your vehicle.

To help humanity with the endless power of new generation, cutting edge technologies, we have taken an initiative by building a case, where drones are helping the insurance sector.Automate and enrich current insurance processes in car crash situations; Automate and shorten the process to clear and close car crash situations on the road, which not only impacts the victim but also the traffic condition on the road; Improve human safety after car crash. UAVs usage can also be extended to help sectors other than insurance, like the real estate industry, or any other industry where UAVs (i.e. drones) can assist by flying out to analyze and collect data. Especially in cases of difficult to reach places that have been struck by natural disaster.In that sense we have build the PoC from ecosystem perspective ( across industries and entities like Drone fleet services, car garages, governments) and how can an insurer benefit out of it.

Key elements considered from ecosystem perspective while building the PoC:

  • Data/info source that insurer can benefit from areas across the ecosystem where cost can be reduced and provide direct benefit to an insurer

  • Transparency on customer experience on end-to end services

  • Human safety


Explaining a day in the life of UAV:

We have used best of breed (Accenture and SAP) technologies to build proof of concept.

See below application architecture that shows tools and technologies used to build the proof of concept.We have leverage SAP technologies like #SAP Cloud Platform #Intelligent Technologies (Leonardo predictive analytics # SAP Analytics Cloud.

UAVs usage can be extended to help other sectors in insurance, like property/casualty (as well as other industries),Police to use drones to help find the missing, where UAVs (i.e. drones) can fly to analyze and collect the data especially in cases of natural disasters where it's difficult for humans to reach out.

PS: We have recently submitted our case to SAP global innovation awards program and entry has been officially accepted.Please like and share the post.


Kind Regards,

Sandeep Rana