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Overview :

SAP provides a standard mechanism to track changes to fields using Change documents and the same concept is used

track changes to the Project object fields . Fields with their data element activated for Change documents are captured

as Change Documents ( Stored in DB table CDHDR and CDHDPOS).

Further , SAP provides an Out of the box mechanism to trigger workflow on changes made to any field in PPM with some quick steps

discussed below

Use Case

Trigger workflow On Change to any Field value in the Project in SAP PPM


Ensure the Change Doc Object to be configured is existing in tcode SCDO

Steps Required

Step 1 : Activate change docs for the object  DPR_DPO (For Projects) in SPRO path

Portfolio Management Next navigation stepGlobal Customizing Next navigation stepProcess and Service Settings Next navigation stepActivate Change Document

Note : To see the change docs tab for Project in SAP PPM , ensure the tab is not hidden in User settings in project application in Web UI.

Step 2 : Go to tcode SWED to configure at what actions you want to store/generate change docs for the object

chg Doc Object  |Leading Object table|Chg Doc Key with Struct


Select Action(change) , create or delete of change docs as required

Strcuture                                            | Function Module


Step 3:

Create Workflow BO Object(SWo1) / Class(SE24) and the Workflow Template (SWDD) for the workflow to be triggered

with start event as one defined in BO object/class

Step 4 :

Go To Tcode SWEC and Configure the event for the BO Object/Class created in Step 4 above on required action i.e.

Create / Change / Delete of Change docs

  OR you can specify the conditions in the Condition editor

Troubleshooting tips

Once all the steps are done , and the workflow is still not triggered , below are some steps to check :

  • Ensure event linkage is maintained in tcode SWE2
  • Switch on the event trace in tcode SWELS and check if event is traced in tcode SWEL

Hope you find the blog helpful !