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Former Member

Hi All..

I would like to share the integration methods which SAP MII expose off -

They help in integrating SAP MII to SAP Enterprise, Plant.. other servers as well..

It uses data connectors to connect to the database side..

In order to connect to SAP ECC- It has idocs, rfc exposure via Jco, JRA Action Block..  which are primarily used.

Apart, we also have web service exposed - through which we can connect almost any system which accepts/respond web services. They are also of 2 types- synchronous and async one (used, depending upon scenario)

One more being, PI block- which mainly helps to connect to PI Server.

Another method- which is commonly used is .. Message Listener, Scheduled Jobs.

On a whole, I believe these are entire set of methods which are exposed via MII for integration puposes. And each one has its own importance and usage.