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As Manufacturing Landscape is continuously changing to be more digital to reap the benefits of latest innovations and everything revolves around Cloud, HANA, IoT, Leonardo, Fiori etc. in SAP world these days, I would like to share a scenario, I created some time back using SAP Cloud, SAP MII/PCO, SAP Cloud IoT service and SAP HANA. I am a little biased here to include SAP MII/PCo in this process but you can do without it as well.


Image Source: SAP


Concept: This is not a business specific use case but a way to showcase some of latest SAP services and product innovations i.e. SAP Cloud, HANA , IoT Service , Leonardo and UI5/Fiori principles and how they come together . This is a starting point and basic scenario and you can always extend/add more scenario around it using other SAP Cloud services or available products. i.e. Use the persisted data from sensors from this example in SAP HANA for predictive analysis or do Machine learning analysis via SAP provided API’s, SAP Cloud Analytics and so on.


Okay, so Let’s get started.


Scenario : In this scenario to keep the things simple, I am connecting/monitoring sensors information coming from machines, robots or any other smart device with SAP MII and SAP PCO and passing all the sensor information via http protocol to SAP Cloud platform which is turn utilizing SAP IoT service(standard service for IoT) to monitor messages, configure devices and track the sensor data . This data (Temperature and Humidity ) is being persisted in HANA database which in turn is being used in SAP UI5 or Fiori application or can be used in HANA native application or any other run time for further analysis i.e. predictive or real time or tabular format reporting. We can also connect any device with bi-directional flow i.e. get sensor data from device and update information back to device via SCP. In this case I will be sending data in one direction i.e. from sensors to SAP Cloud.


Some of the components you will need to get started:






  • SAP MII /PCO [Optional]


  • SAP UI5/Fiori for front end design [Subscribe to SAP WEB IDE to develop UI5/Fiori apps]


  • Sensors/machine connectivity protocol information


Products/Services Used:


  • SAP Cloud Platform

  • SAP MII - (To connect Sensors with SAP Cloud via MII/PCO or you can directly connect sensor with SAP Cloud as well over different protocol without MII)

  • SAP Cloud IoT Service (To administer, configure and monitor sensor and device information)

  • SAP HANA - (To persist sensor data for further analysis i.e. real time, predictive analysis etc.)

  • SAP UI5/Fiori -(To show report or transactional/analytics app or charts visual in HTML5 or others front end)



Process Flow Diagram:

Let’s see more closely at the process flow step by step:

Step 1: Get sensor Data via SAP MII and SAP PCO


  • Gather Machine Tags/Smart Device/Sensors information which you going to connect or monitor

  • Retrieve data from sensors to MII via SAP PCO

  • *SAP MII is optional here, sensor information can be sent to SAP Cloud via other protocols



Step 2: Send Sensor Data to SAP Cloud IoT cockpit via HTTP post from SAP MII


  • Log in to your SAP Cloud account

  • Enable/Deploy IoT Service in SCP

  • On Board Device in IoT Cockpit

  • Manage devices and messages in IoT cockpit

  • Post collected sensor Data to SAP Cloud from MII via HTTP Post protocol and message in JSON format

  • Message Format:

  • {"mode":"sync","messageType":"m0t0y0p0e1","messages":[{"sensor":"sensor1","value":"20","timestamp":1413191650}]}



  • More information on SAP IOT cloud service can be found at this link:


Step 3: Persist Sensor Data in HANA DB service enabled in your SAP account and view the data


  • Create HANA DB Schema to persist sensor data

  • Bind DB schema with IoT service in cloud

  • Data posted to SCP will be stored in previous created schema

  • View Tabular/Graphical form of sensor data in standard UI5/Fiori screen part of the IoT service.

  • You can also build custom app and analyze the data for different business cases as needed.




  • More information on SAP cloud trial HANA MDC can be found at this link:


Note: I have used HTTP Post in my example for data transfer from MII to SAP Cloud but we can use MQTT, Web socket and other available protocols as well.

Some screens, features or services may have changed over time and may not match as this example was created a little while ago.