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SAP ME users are familiar to the struggle of having to upload or update several records on ME. It is obviously both time consuming and mentally tiring.

Innovative and most importantly very easy to use SAP ME Massive Upload Tool is a real problem solver.

How does it work?

Our goal was to build a tool to help, that’s why we made sure SAP ME Massive Upload Tool was as user-friendly as possible. The application consist of two major steps: firstly you set the configurations and then you upload the data. In case of something not going right, to make everything more simple for you it will show the list of errors so you can fix it easily. Let’s get a more detailed view of every step:


This is the starting page of the application, where you configure the credentials of the server that you want to access. There are four inputs you must fill respectively with your server’s name, url, username and password.  The application give you the option to save your server’s credentials so that you can access it easier next time. All saved configurations are shown at the bottom of the screen.

2.Upload data

As soon as you access your server, you can directly upload your excel file. All its sheets will be displayed on the screen. Once you have finished checking one last time the data, you will be able to send it to SAP ME. There are two options available: you can either choose to send it all at a time  or you can send each sheet one by one.


In the rare case of being a bit unlucky you might encounter any small error that won’t allow you to upload your data. Well, no need to worry! We have figured this out. The application will automatically show you the list of errors that have occurred. With just a little bit of analyzing, you can fix it and….

Voila!! Your data uploaded!

SAP ME Massive Upload Tool allows you to upload massive and structured information as well as the possibility to access multiple servers.  That being said, this tool is all you lacked to make your SAP ME experience simpler and more pleasant.  You can contact for help , discuss and develop.