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Hello All,

As you all know SAP has released the SAP EHSM for HANA 1610 with a simplification. Though there is a wealth of information available on HANA with different business functionalities, installation procedures, Language availability and implementation options. I happen to check on the topic and would like to brief here the overview of the functionality relevant to EHSM.

The HANA 1610 released EHSM applications in broad two categories, they are i) Product Safety Stewardhip and ii) Health and Safety. The Product Safety Stewardship covers the features of Product Safety consisting of Report shipping, Dangerous Goods Management, Product Compliance, Substance Volume Tracking and Global Label Management. It also consists of skeleton features of Hazardous Substance Management. Whereas the Health and Safety consists of i) Incident Management and Risk Assessment. The below information is an attempt on what are the features which did not available and if any alternative is available or no.

  1. Compared to ECC EhP 8 / HANA initial release, there are some features which did not appear in the simplification list, those include i) Handling unit integration for Dangerous Goods management, ii) Online checks for Substance volume tracking and use of some selection table fields iii) Inspection Safety control Fiori application, iv) Waste Management v) Occupational Health and vi) Remote integration with EHSM.

  2. Similarly some functionality like EC interface, Hazardous Substance management are available with limited features.

  3. Though Environmental Management is in the list of the roadmap for future functional equvalent however it is not available with the current release. Besides Enviornmental Management other applications include SPRC and HSM – SARA Reports.

  4. Some changes are made to the current functionality and the scenario is available for some cases like EHS data series and Amounts, workflows requesting creation of master data, authorization objects for Incident Management.

Now coming to the availability of different Fiori Apps for managing the functionality there are many applications available, some of those include.

  1. Product safety: Manage Substance, Manage Phrases, Display Material, Manage compliance documents, Manage compliance monitor sending and Substance volume monitoring

  2. Dangerous Goods Management: Manage Substances, Transfer dangerous Goods Data, Transfer dangerous goods data check log, Display dangerous goods master

  3. Global Label management: Manage Labels, Print Labels, Change Label stock, Manage Compliance Documents - Generation variants & Documents,

  4. Product Compliance: Search Compliance information, Display compliance informaiton, Display change work list, Manage supply chain collaboration, Bill of Material Transfer, IMDS, manage tasks

  5. Incident Management: Manage Incidents, Report Incidents, Detailed Analysis

  6. Risk Management: Risk Explorer, Risk Assessments

To implement the functionality there are many options available based on the current system, either to upgrade or use a fresh implementation. If it is existing system ou need to check the prerequisite check which will list all the changes for wich adjustments needs to be performed; details of which are available SAP blog ; How to upgrade

Lastly SAP has released a Best Practices Chemicals – US version which includes SAP EHSM Sustainability information and fact sheets. Details can be accssessed here

Thanks and Regards