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Dear Expert,

                  Now In EHSM3.0 SP03, we can 'Assign Access Leven to Incident Tabs' in Incident Management Process.
Now you have control on visibility of tabs like Financial or Injury/Illness or people tab. Earlier we had only authorization control on Restricted Access fields of those particular tabs like People tab. The restricted access fields either on Basic Information Tab or , Person – Basic Information Tab are both related to Confidential Authorizations If you click yes on Basic information tab , then the incident becomes confidential, and if you have no confidential access authorizations, then you cannot open the incident. If only a person is set as confidential, then its names become asterisk, if you have no confidential access rights.
For the tab based authorization, you can play around with assigning different tabs to different access levels for different  tabs .  For example assign the financial to some Access level , and see that for user with only Basic Information access level the financial tab is not visible.