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Scope of this document is to provide links to resources where you can learn a SAP EHS concept step by step across SCN Documents / Blogs / Discussion & other external resources. Already there is a well documented in place for categorizing the SCN discussions & documents -

This document differs from that only in a way that it lists out only the discussions, documents, visuals, which are like study material.

[New information added to this table are marked in Red]

SCN DocumentSCN Discussion
Basic Data & Tools
Specification Work Bench
CG02 search
Specification types referencing
Bill of Material
Creation of Phrase

Creation of Phrase sets
Creation of Phrase Library
Creation of Phrase Groups
Phrase set assignments
Master data match up
Value Assignment Types
Property Tree
Report Symbols
Report Template
EHS Expert
Product Safety
Report Management
Report Shipping
Report Shipping process
Report Shipping - WWI configuration
Jobs For report shipping
Report shipping history
BOS-BOM conceptBill of Substance –Bill of material (BOSBOM)
Global Label Management
GLM Label printing processExternal Link : **************** - Label Printing in SAP EHS
**************** - Label Printing in SAP EHS
Log Data
User Entry
Customer Specific Label
Dangerous Goods Management
Basic Data, Master Data
DG Specification
DG Checks and Documents
DG Customization
Filling DG from specification data base
Hazardous Substance Management & Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Work Area Management
Exposure Profile Management
Creation of Risk/Agents
Risk Assessment
Measurement Management
Incident / Accident management
Cause hierarchy
Creation of Accident log
Integration with other SAP component
Waste Management
Basic Data, Master Data
Waste Code
Waste Generators, Transporters, Disposers
Disposal Processing,
Specify Functions
Disposal Document
Linking Waste code with document type
Linking report template with Disposal doc. Type
Internal entry of quantities
Reporting and evaluation
Occupational Health & Safety
Process OverviewExternal Link:SAP e-Learning : Occupational Health and Hygiene
Basic Data
Diagnosis code
Schedule Planning,
Injury/Illness Log
Creation of Health Surveillance Protocols
Creation of Medical examinations
Creation of Questionnaires
Protocol Assignments to
Employees and reporting
WWI Generation server Installation
WWI Generation server Configuration
Conditional Output
Repeating group -Discrete expansion of multiple values(D)
Repeating Group - Validity region, Language
Expansion Mode: Bar code
Graphic Printing
Template  Creation
Expansion Mode: Function Module
Jobs for Document generation
Blank CompressionWWI techniques - Blank compression and User defined text
User Defined TextWWI techniques - Blank compression and User defined text
WWI Processing methodsStandard WWI processing methods (WWI)
Roles & Profiles
Product & Reach Compliance
SAP Component Management 3.0 for SAP EHS ManagementFree SAP Learning Hub Course: OEHS30 - OKP SAP Component Extension 3.0 for SAP EHS Management
Foundations of EHSM
Field Types
OH solutions
Access level in Incident management
Risk Assessment
Identify Risk
Work flow
Deleting an entry
Incident Management
Process Flow
Investigation status
Attaching file types
Activate ICF Services
Assigning Roles
Environmental Compliance
EC calculation
EC Export / ImportRe: SAP EC export data to ECC
Product & Reach compliance


Subash Sankar