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Introduction Part 1

EHS classic is quite flexible. You can extend it easily. Some options are mentioned in: Customer Exits in SAP EHS MANAGEMENT

One option to enhance EHS is using Rule Sets or Secondary Data Determination. By using these options you can speed up the data management. 

Using these options you can support maintenance actions: refer to: How to deal with legal/regulatory changes (using SAP EHS MANAGEMENT)?

 As you can see in EHS Expert WWI Installation SAP R/3 Enterprise - Toolbox for IT Groups the installation topics  might be not understood very well. 

Intentio of this blog is to "reference" discussions in context of

  • Rule Set and Secondary Data Determination

  • OCC topics


We have to differentiate two different areas of "ruleset" stories

If you buy content you should be on the "safe side". As part of the "Content" you will receive documents explaning on some detail what hast changes from version X to Y.

But if you create you own rulesets using the EHS Expert options.. this is a different story. Here most of us can not help.

Regarding the OCC part we can split as well a little bit

Many discussions here are running like: hot to make the "proper set up of OCC"; some are running: how to upload "legal data" (content) and some are running how to use the "EXCEL templates" to load data.

Here the same is true to a certain extent. For "Legal data load": You should have a "good documentation" in place (which the "data provider" should deliver

But for the "set up part".... the documentations seems not to be "good". For "EXCEL Upload"... at the end it s a "learning by doing". Those of you who has used in the past the old "Data Editor" from TechniData has may be a beetter chance to start.

Introduction Part 2

As this blog is a little bit outdated I have decided to generate a new list of "links" to important stories to check and read.

Therefore: the "OCC part" will get now an update; The ruleset part I currently will not update.

In Scope

I will try to give an high level overview of the two options more from point of view of business (and partially clearly we find many threads discussing "technical issues"). 

Out of Scope

I will not provide the details. 

Secondary Data Determination

 May be check: Secondary Data Determination - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library as a starting point in reading.

 If you read cross the term "Secondary Data Determination" might not be a good one. E.g. This option is used to integrate OCC or other tools which can be used to "upload" data. This is more or less a "data import". One other subtype is the "Rule Set" integration and the next one would be the use of a "customer" specific exit. 

Therefore you could generate this list in context of the term "Secondary Data Determination":

  • it can be used to do data loads (as with OCC)

  • it can be used to execute Rule Sets (with the use of EH&S Expert)

  • it can be used to incorporate completely company specific programming

Long time ago SAP provided some "Secondary Data Determination" "programs" as part of EHS. This is not supported any more. 

Rule Set

As always a good option is to start with the SAP help and the IMG (Customizing). I will do slightly different.

Therefore check these links:


Set up Link
EHS_MD_135_01 - Set Up EH&S Expert
EHS_MD_135_02 - Set Up Windows Registry
EHS_MD_135_03 - Set Up SAPRFC.INI
EHS_MD_135_04 - Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination
EHS_MD_135_05 - Set Up RFC Destination
EHS_MD_135_06 - Set Up Easy Expert
EHS_MD_135_07 - Set Up EH&S Expert Server As a Windows Service
EHS_MD_135_08 - Configure Call of Rule Sets in a Rule Set Sequence

 So if you "google" you find some useful results (and not only on the SAP help page).

 From technical point of view. Rule Sets and Secondary Data determination option are "only" special cases of an "Exit". They are "default" ones (which are always present in CG02; that means they are part of the SAP menue (without content; the content need to be customized)); Other exits need to be prepared to show up in CG02 (refer above to the document mentioned there).

 SAP help starts with: EH&S Expert - SAP Library

So as you can see: We have to differentiate between "SAP EHS Expert" and "SAP EHS Easy Expert". In most cases the "Easy Expert" can only be used for "very" simple "calculations" of  something. On daily business normally this will not be enough. In reality the "Easy Expert" approach is "to simple" incomparison to the "complex" rules you need in daily business(e.g. refer to SAP online help: EH&S Easy Expert - EH&S Expert - SAP Library).

 Using rulesets is one approach to speed up in maintenance of data and can help in "Change Management" (after regulatory data has changed).

 What are the cons: you need to understand the set up of EHS Server and how to define the rule (including mapping etc. etc.). With EnhPack 3 a lot of performance optimizations have been done. Please read cross the SAP help. On high level: the performance critical step is the reading of the data; this is "improved" in EnhPack 3 (together with other improvements as well).

Keep in mind: to enhance rules sets in prod you need to execute a lot of steps (which are in regrads of complexity etc. may be on level of: how to distribute a WWI layout from dev to qual to prod).

If you do not want to "learn" EHS Expert you need to buy content from a data provider. Prerequisite is: you should not ! have changed the STANDARD tree. You need to use standard SAP data model (with rating, validity areas etc. etc. etc.). Additional prerequisite: 

- you need to use the same UOMs as described by the service provider

- you need to use the same phrases (or you need to map them)

 Any rule set delivered (according to my knowledge) assume that you are using STANDARD SAP tree without any customer enhancements.

 Here a small list of threads:

Question on regulatory content provider and expert server
EH&S Expert server rules
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OCC Set up

 OCC is a tool which can be used to import data. E..g. refer to these links:

EH&S Open Content Connector - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library

IMPORTANT NOTE: The old "DataEditor" functionality  as delivered by TechniData is now part of OCC (on high level). You can now use OCC to upload specification data and phrase data

Topic Link
EHS_MD_300_10 - Set Up EH&S Open Content Connector
EHS_MD_300_20 - Set Up Windows Registry for EH&S OCC
EHS_MD_300_30 - Set Up RFC Destination for EH&S OCC
EHS_MD_300_40 - Edit Mapping for EH&S OCC
EHS_MD_300_50 - Extend Entry in Secondary Data Determination for EH&S OCC
EHS_MD_300_60 - Specify Mapping for EH&S OCC
EH&S Open Content Connector (EH&S OCC) (New) ( RELNEHS_BD_500_OCC )


Did you know that regarding there is an US patent in place? I identified two patents:


May be read as well:  and US20050283374.pdf

(which are pdf files representing the US patents).

E.g. could be of interest too.

OCC is a tool to import data as part of an "XML"data stream and in the current version you can use "text oriented files strcutures" as well . In most cases you use it to upload "regulatory data" provided from  a data provider. In most case not more than 10 persons in a company need to do the upload (and therefore need the knowledge and corresponding skills to do so). So there is not a need to install OCC on any client.

The set up and installaiton and use of OCC seems to be having many pitfalls (refer to the many threads). As with WWI: it is not easy to install nor to use the tool/process. And there is more or less no real help available via SAP Msrketplace (we have a good ! dcoumentation of EXCEL based load via OCC but not a "set up" guideline for OCC (e.g. discussing offline and onlline modus differences).

May be check as well: Examples of Data sharing demands in SAP EHS Management using XML

 Here a small list of threads discussing OCC:


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