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Last week I had an opportunity to attend Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program. What I liked most from the curriculum was its structure; from explaining individual topics to engaging participants in different activities to ensure they understand the concepts easily.

Change Management in Personal Life and Professional Career

Those of you who have attended the course would confirm its effectiveness as it helps audience in relating their experiences, professional as well as personal (such as the one I explained in this blog), with the concepts presented & practiced in the workshop. Starting from explaining the difference between change itself and the potential impact it could have on an organization, it guides attendees with how to use the tools & approaches, provided by Prosci, to manage the transition successfully.

Learning Research-Based Change Management Model

You get to know the ADKAR model, applicable almost in all aspects of our lives (if looked from Change Management perspective), in detail. You are provided with wide range of supporting material, from Best Practices and some other useful reference books to limited time period access to Change Management practitioner eToolkit. The workshop gives you a chance to benefit from the trainer’s experience and knowledge in the field as well as from other participants’ skills.

Benefits of the Change Management Certification Program

The 3 days session brings you through the Planning, Managing and Reinforcing Change phases to enable you to assess organizational readiness for the change, identify the impacted groups with the change and build strategy to handle the change. It also helps you in building your professional reputation as a Change Management expert, endorsing your experience with an industry recognized qualification. By attending the course, you also earn credits for other related disciplines such as from Project Management Institute for PMP Certification.

Where to attend the workshop, in Middle East?

If you are in Middle East and are interested in taking the training, you could get it through a Prosci affiliate – Mawj Training and Consulting. The training is run by a highly skilled and experienced Change Management Professional, Mr. Khaled Al-Mobarak (the first Prosci Certified in the region). Since he comes from SAP / IT background, it’s easy for us (in the same profession, SAP) to relate our experiences (such as the one I experienced and explained at this link) with his practical knowledge.

Last but not least, about the Prosci Change Management training

I think the program has good value for money, hence, I strongly recommend you to take the course, learn research based methods & tools to manage changes in Personal and Professional lives.