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A report shipment has been triggered by the previous step. Here we now accept the report shipping order(s) as further quality assurance measure for further processing and print out.


In Customizing for Product Safety, you have made settings in the Report Shipping section and set up the shipping reason.

For shipping inbound reports, you must have carried out the procedure Setting Up Shipping of Reports in Any Format.

  • Automatic report shipping is supported as standard for reports of the report category Material safety data sheet. As a prerequisite the SAP System must be able to select the following data uniquely:
  • Report recipient
  • Report
  • Sender (MSDS Initiator (Sales Organization))

Reports with a specification reference must have been released in report management

Reports without a specification reference are considered as released as soon as you have assigned a suitable generation variant to the released report template.

The reports you want to send must belong to the same report category. As different report categories belong to different business categories, simultaneous shipping is not possible.

You have installed the current EH&S version of Windows Wordprocessor Integration (WWI) and made settings in the Report Generation section of Customizing for Product Safety.


  1. Access the transaction choosing one of the following navigation options:

SAP menu

  1. Logistics -Environment, Health and Safety -Product Safety  - Reports - Edit Report Shipping Orders

Transaction code


2. On the Process report shipping orders screen, make the following entries:

Field name


User action and values


  1. Creat.Date from

< current date > 00:00:00

This is the field's default value.

  1. Creat.Date to

< current date > 23:59:59

This is the field's default value.

3. Choose Hit list (F8).

4. On the Edit report shipping order screen select only the English entry that is in status  Order released – DDOC ID(663)

5. Choose Accept. The report shipping order change to the  Order being processed status (In work).


6. Save your entries. The status has changed from In work to Sent – OC in couple of minutes along with the MSDS, coversheet and acknowledgement report generated under Final report column with the document icon.

Now select the ID 663,664,665 and click on accept to find the status changed to Sent- AC.

Click Accept icon again and Completed status will appear with green tick mark to indicate that the documents have been shipped to customer.

These steps put the report shipping into a queue that normally is processed once per day (normally at night by a job). This is the normal process to do mass printing. To immediately do this processing, you can mark the relevant report shipping orders from above and choose Ship immediately . You can view the shipping steps being performed by choosing Flow trace for the relevant entries.