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Management Of External Phrase Libraries For SAP EHS


Purpose of the document



     Steps to be followed for managing external phrase library upload

       How to create passive phrase catalogues

       How to import phrase set assignments

       Setting up phrase-phrase set assignment

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Purpose of the document:

     This document is meant for guiding SAP EHS consultants on management of external phrase libraries of SAP EHS.


     This document defines how external phrase libraries (purchased from SAP) are managed in SAP EHS and will be helpful for anyone who uses or manages external phrase libraries in the SAP EHS system. The document specifically applies to the CED (Chemical Exchange Directory) phrase library purchased from SAP, but the principles apply to phrase libraries that may be procured from other providers as well.

     Phrase library download is a collection of more than 9000 phrases for product safety in 44 languages, 34 of them for EMEA and Americas. Data is delivered in the EHS import format, which can then be loaded directly into the SAP EHS system.


     Client nominated member of the support team or BPA receives a notification email from SAP when a new edition of the phrase library is available for download. The phrase library updates are available twice a year in July and in Nov. The member follows the instructions in the email to download the phrase library and uploads in the local system/SharePoint folder.

        Steps to be followed for managing external phrase library upload

          1.    There need to be a passive phrase library which will be a master for all the active as well as passive phrases. If the CED Phrase is marked in the system as passive, we can us the same. If no passive phrase library exists, we would need to create one.

       How to create passive phrase catalogues

  1. To create a passive phrase catalogue start the IMG customizing (SPRO) àEnvironment, Health & Safety à Basic Data and Tools à Phrase management à Specify Phrase Libraries and Phrase Groups.
  2. P.S: You have already defined the number ranges for the phrase key, one can use a standard number range or custom number range object as per the requirement.

One can maintain the configuration as shown in the screenshot:


          2. Upload the phrase import file and phrase set assignment from local drive to application server.

You can ask the system administrator (BASIS) for the upload path on your application server or check via transaction AL11. example: usr\sap\trans\upload

Use transaction CG3Z for uploading and choose BIN (Binary) transfer format as shown in the screen shot below:


     PS: Size of path and filename is limited. It may be necessary to either shorten the import file names or choose a short directory path to upload the files.

          3.Load of import files into EHS

Go to Transaction CG31 as in the screenshot below and specify the reqd. details.

               1.    File with path - Enter the path and file name (same as target file section upload files )

               2.    For all files choose UTF-8 as character standard.

               3.    You can leave all other options blank

Then, Check the file (F5) and make sure you import to the passive CED, the versions are correct and no errors are displayed. Choose "Transfer/start time" (F6)


          4. Merge the phrases in passive phrase library to the active phrase library

                    To merge phrases from a passive catalogue into the active, use transaction CG12.

               a.    Select the phrases to be merged.

          If you are updating your phrase library, restrict the phrase selection to only new and revised phrases. Please use the Phrase created/changed... functionality with the settings shown in the screenshot:


          b.Once the changed phrases are selected, you can merge them using Extra à Merge while selecting "Adopt phrase ID".

      How to import phrase set assignments

              Merging of the passive phrase library into active one is a pre-requisite to importing phrase set assignments. After uploading the phrase assignment file into the Unix file path, the assignments should to be imported into SAP EHS. This is done by using transaction CG31 and check the "Phrase Set Assignmt”.


     Setting up phrase-phrase set assignment:

          Once the phrases are merged and phrase sets uploaded, one needs to activate the match-up master data functionality using transaction CGCZ.


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Where to do

What to do

Customizing (spro)

Create passive phrase catalogue

SAP EHS (cg3z)

Upload phrases

SAP EHS (cg3z)

Upload phrase set assignments

SAP EHS (cg31)

Import phrases

SAP EHS (cg12)

Merge phrases

SAP EHS (cg31)

Import phrase set assignments