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In this blog I have compiled my working and solution for standard Maintenance Order Shop Paper Print After TECO & Before Release.

SAP offers us the Standard shop paper print of Maintenance Orders via Tcode IW3D/IW32, but it have some limitations that printout cannot be taken before release and after completion.

To over come this SAP Help Preprinting and Reprinting Maintenance Orders states, LOG_EAM_CI7 is the business function which needs to be activated.

Before activation of Business function, below error is displayed when a TECO Maintenance Order is printed.

Error when Printing Maintenance Order after TECO


Below are the configuration, where no checks are visible for printing after TECO & Before Release:


When the Business function(LOG_EAM_CI7)  is activated, in Configuration check box for reprint can be seen below:

Place check on the boxes as done below for shop papers i.e. 2010,2020,2030,2040,2050,2060,2062,2070,2072 and save.



After doing the above configuration, another error can be seen when printing Maintenance Order after TECO:

In Configuration Define Printer>User-Specific Print Control (T Code: OIDH). User ID and Shop papers are visible.

If we want a specific user to print certain shop paper we can define it on this screen and place check on print after completion allowed or before release.

One user and one shop paper can be configured but if we have multiple users for one shop paper, individually assign users against each shop paper by adding new entries.

If more users requires reprinting, configuration needs to be done again. To avoid this, write * * in users & Shop paper. But this leads to an error as below:

To remove this error, place check on Print after Completion only and vice-versa. But still the same error was displayed.


The error above is because each shop paper is different from each other.

For e.g. shop paper 2010 can be reprinted after TECO but not before release as seen below


While shop paper 2020 allows printing before Release and after TECO:

Individually check each shop paper(2010,2020,2030,2040,2050,2060,2062,2070,2072) because some will allow print before release/after TECO while others will not as per system restrictions. System will automatically give error as displayed above in shop paper 2010.


After doing the above configuration, we can print/reprint shop papers after TECO and before release but due to system restrictions some shop papers can be printed only.

Hope this Blog helps as I have shared my Knowledge!

If any issues in this please feel free to comment.