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We have requirement to send mail from MII to key users whenever there is specific message is failed in SAP MII, so we need to configure the mail server into the SAP MII. After getting details from the team about the Mail server now its our turn to configure the server into the MII so while doing this job we can’t find much of information on the internet.

After multiple times trying, we were finally able to figure it out so here we are helping the community with our experiments. Please read this blog for configuring the Mail server in SAP MII.

It has three steps in MII as below:

  • Configure the Mail server.

  • Configure the Credentials in credential stores for sending Mails.

  • Testing the application.

    Configure the Mail Server

  • Go to the SAP MII home ->Data Services ->Connections

  • Click on create button and give name and select connection type as mail from dropdown and click on OK:

Fig:1 - Create Mail server Name

  • Go to the security Services -> credential Store and click on Create.

Fill all required field details on screen with correct server, port and protocol.

Fig:2- mail server configuration


After providing all information click on SAVE.

Configure the Credentials in credential stores for sending Mails

  • Go to the security Services -> credential Store and click on Create.

  • Provide Alias Name, Username and password for creating the credential Alias for mail user.

    Fig:3- Credential Store configuration for sending mails

  • Click on Save.

Testing the application

  • Open workbench and create one transaction with using Send E-mail Action block.

    Fig:4 – Send Mail Action block in MII

  • Open configure object of the action block and select the mail connection alias and mail credential Alias from the dropdown and provide the Sender and Receiver address to send and receive the mail with some subject and body.

    Fig:5 Mail Action block Configuration in SAP MII

  • Mail should be successfully sent via MII after execution:

    Fig-6: Successful Transaction Execution in SAP MII

    That’s how we can configure the mail server in SAP MII.

That is all from my side. Hope you have enjoyed this blog while reading. If you have any comments, Query or suggestion please write those down in the comment section.

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