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Set Up Job on SAP System

Set up the WWI dispatch process. The dispatcher distributes the orders you generate to the different work processes.

The standard system contains two system events that start batch processes for the dispatcher and for the work processes. Check that these system events are there using transaction SM62:

o SAP_START_WWI_DISPATCHER (starting a WWI dispatcher)

o SAP_START_WWI_WORKPROCESS (starting an EH&S report generation WWI work process)

You can start the dispatcher in several ways:

- Option 1: You can start the job manually after each system start.

- Option 2: You can define the job so that it starts whenever the SAP System is started.

Option 1: Manual Start

a) Call the SAP System in the client for which the dispatcher is to be started manually.

b) In the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Development -> ABAP Editor. The ABAP Editor: Initial Screen appears.

c) Enter RC1WWIDS in the Program field.

d) Choose Execute.

The RC1WWIDS report creates the WWI dispatch process for the corresponding client.

To check the job overview, choose System -> Services -> Jobs -> Job Overview from the SAP Easy Access screen. In the or after event field, enter the value SAP_START*. Choose Confirm to check the entry for your client's WWI dispatch process. If you have already started report generation, you can also check if the dispatcher has started the corresponding WWI work processes for each generation server.

Option 2: Automatic start

a) Call the SAP System for the required client.

b) Choose System -> Services -> Jobs -> Define Job from the SAP Easy Access screen.

c) Enter the job name and choose a job class.

d) Choose Start condition and in the dialog box, choose After event.

e) Enter SAP_SYSTEM_START in the event field.

f) Activate Periodic job.

g) Choose Check and save your entries.

h) Choose Step and choose ABAP program in the dialog box that appears.

i) Enter RC1WWIDS as the ABAP program name.

j) Choose Check and save your entries.

k) Before you leave the Define Background Job screen, you must save your entries once more.

Result: The job is started whenever the SAP System is started.

The described WWI Work process [RC1WWIWP] is created automatically by the SAP-System, a manual creation of the WWI Workprocess is therefore not necessary.

See Flowchart below.