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An age old problem is the system documentation. There are solutions out there what try to document the systems. There are companies out there what actually enforce the documentation. The documentation is still not always usable despite all the efforts.

An easy helper solution from SAP would be adding notes to the customizing - preferably line by line plus one on the header level.

Most (if not all) of customizing is realized as SE54 generated table views and view clusters. This means that SAP only needs to change SE54 to add this feature.

The note mapping table can be in SAP namespace and realized with client + table name as main key + one concatenated key of the customizing tables key. This would link to a note - a SAP text for example.

One example where it would be useful: NACE - output types - output type ZOR1 uses Adobe form 'ZRegular_Order' by default however for special cases 'ZSPECIAL_ORDER'. In the customizing only the regular order displayed. The special order will be overwritten in the processing program. 2 years down the line no one remembers this. However if we had a note... The process is documented somewhere in the documentation but no one will check on it until the errors start to happen.

Customizing notes would be extremely useful. And easy to implement...

Well - no suitable tag found - maybe proposal or improvement would be a good tag to introduce. 🙂