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Here's important OSS Notes for Substance volume tracking Module configuration / Run time Issues.

ModuleOSS NoteDescription of Issue
Substance Volume Tracking1942821Error deleting data for table "EHS: Registration Status (EH&S Data)" (CCRCT_EHS_REG)
Substance Volume Tracking1925692Incorrect unit for output in CBRC20
Substance Volume Tracking1896788Notification check: blocked documents are not displayed
Substance Volume Tracking1925474Multiple entries found for a regulation
Substance Volume Tracking1930118Incorrect display in detail view
Substance Volume Tracking1856564Incorrect unit when data is output in CBRC20
Substance Volume Tracking1849629Short dump CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER in program RREGCH_FILL
Substance Volume Tracking1894747Alternative data transfer from registration (company-specific)
Substance Volume Tracking1842526Initial filling with substance specification sets end date
Substance Volume Tracking1803859TSCA 12B: Delivered orders are not taken into account
Substance Volume Tracking1874389Substance quantities from customs warehouse incorr. Tracked
Substance Volume Tracking1851732Registration type is not transferred
Substance Volume Tracking1807706Error in the delta filling of CCRCT_EHS_REG
Substance Volume Tracking1828257Incorrect consideration of second value assignment type
Substance Volume Tracking1805988Different message types during filling
Substance Volume Tracking1799783CBRC23 - Processing stops with incorrect error message
Substance Volume Tracking1794587Evaluating substance volumes, reading material documents
Substance Volume Tracking1798191Substance quantity monitoring terminiates as background job
Substance Volume Tracking1795107Long runtime during data transfer (RREGCH_FILL)
Substance Volume Tracking1699019Error in scenario-dependent data transfer
Substance Volume Tracking1802939Repetitive manufacturing orders are not displayed
Substance Volume Tracking1776818Incorrect results ater restart
Substance Volume Tracking1789182Period is ignored in online check
Substance Volume Tracking1776105Volume tracking despite order status
Substance Volume Tracking1750413Status object for sales order not available
Substance Volume Tracking1788339Details for block deactivation missing
Substance Volume Tracking1775320Incorrect filling with regard to polymer labeling
Substance Volume Tracking1756133TSCA 12B: Missing notification for e-mail recipients
Substance Volume Tracking1747333Superfluous message due to nonexistent components
Substance Volume Tracking1747267TSCA 12B: Wrong status and wrong registration frequency
Substance Volume Tracking1774220Redundant duplication of table entries
Substance Volume Tracking1744920Only representative not taken into account for Preq
Substance Volume Tracking1775062Short dump COMPUTE_INT_PLUS_OVERFLOW during initial filling
Substance Volume Tracking1774064Section of regulation is not transferred
Substance Volume Tracking1702807Program RREGCH_EVALUATE_QUANTITIES for repetitive manufact.
Substance Volume Tracking1766761Incorrect results during SVT notification check
Substance Volume Tracking1692347TSCA 12B: Incorrect filtering in volume monitoring (CBRC20)
Substance Volume Tracking1688933TSCA 12B: Filtering out certain specifications
Substance Volume Tracking1418035BAdI implementations for the online check
Substance Volume Tracking1689822Runtime error when creating item data for the customer list
Substance Volume Tracking1697366Incorr. filling if there are several polymers in composition
Substance Volume Tracking1635011No e-mails sent when confirmed quantities change
Substance Volume Tracking1682977Unnecessary messages in the program RREGCH_RESTART_VT
Substance Volume Tracking1680265Data transfer of registration data using RREGCH_FILL
Substance Volume Tracking1678599Customer list:Parameter error when executing transac. CBRC22
Substance Volume Tracking1597586Check of confirmed substance quantities