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In this blog post you will learn how to resolve issues while working in MI/MII server.In that case we can follow some steps that includes:

  • validation of correct SQL port (SQL Port mentioned in Landscape tab ) and that is used in Config Tool

  • expired password of Hana database users

We will also go through issues that can be noticed while starting the server and going through log files.


Different scenarios and their solutions are :


Case 1: ERROR => Node 'bootstrap' failed with exit code 558

You can follow snote-

Case 2: Error -An internal error occurred ; contact technical support

URL - http://<hostname>:<port>/manufacturing


Cause -DB users like WIP, ODS, DM and INT are expired.

Resolution -

  • Check user status with below query -


  • User Status will be expired.

  • Run query to change password for expired users :

  • ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY password;

  • Do the same for all users

  • Restart DB and NW

Case 3: The Manufacturing server is still down 

Resolution -

Please do the following which will force all new configurations
to be realised in the Java system;

1) Completely stop the system.
2) Back up and remove all files from the below directories:
/usr/sap///j2ee/cluster/server/log (For each server node)
3) Change the Bootstrap mode to FORCE: 710663 - AS Java Bootstrap Synchronization
3) Start the system.

Case 4: Check parameters of config Tool

Resolution -

Please perform the following changes:

In the /usr/sap/SID/inst_Nr/2ee/cluster/bootstrap/ file add the parameter -


  2. ClassPath=./bootstrap/



  5. ./bootstrap


Also edit the configtool.bat or file, insert the JVM parameter after the line starting with %JAVA_CMD%:


"%JAVA_CMD% -Duser.language=en -Xmx1024m   -classpath .\lib\;. ./lib/ "


Start configtool and set the for the Java server nodes, see SAP KBA    2250890 - IPv6 addresses are used unexpectedly



I hope you have learned about how to handle situation where SAP Manufacturing server is down and contains error messages and log files .I suggest to check the Process list and Instance list during restart of the server .When the server is stopped and if it is not stopped completely and we execute the start command , the server fails to start.


Please, let us know your comments. If you have any questions, we encourage you to post into the comment section and  we will try to answer them as soon as possible.




Pallavi Anand