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Understanding the Green, Yellow, and Red Indicator in QA32: Master data settings in SAP

In above image you can view indicator.


In the world of quality management, the QA32 transaction in SAP plays a crucial role in inspecting

and processing quality notifications. One of the key features of QA32 is the visual indicator system

that categorizes notifications as green, yellow, or red. In this blog post, we will explore the settings

required to enable and configure this indicator system in SAP.

Indicator understanding:

Green:  UD has been done.

Yellow: UD not done and lot is under inspection duration

Red:     Inspection duration has ben passed and UD has been late.

To activate the these indicator for QA32, follow these steps:

  1. Open MM02 and enter material code

  2. Go to QM View and click on inspection setup

  3. Click on inspection type detail

  4. Add "Average Inspection Duration" days like 4, 5, 14 as per inspection duration.

To add Avg. insp. duration check yellow highlighted in image.

The system will automatically record the "Inspection start date" based on the date of inspection lot

creation. Take "Average Inspection Duration" which you was maintain in material master and add it

to the "Inspection start date", posting it as the "Insp. End date". If the current date falls within the

calculated inspection period, the system will display a yellow indicator. If the duration is exceeded,

the indicator will turn red. However, if the user takes a UD (User Decision), the indicator will change

to green.

You can maintain inspection type on mass  level and update Avg. inspection duration by follow this blog (Mass assignment of Inspection types QA08)


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