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Integration options of SAP EHS Management

The integration options of SAP EHS Management may be are not known well. By using these integration options you might have some benefits. Therefore a small list of options should be collected and presented  shortly.

Integration with SAP GTS

The integration option is shown here:

Chapter; Hazardous Substance Check with SAP ERP EH&S

This option does make sense for companies who still use SAP GTS and which does have products which are e.g. REACh relevant. The "same" solution could be used to check for TSCA, CEPA etc. relevance.

The Compliance Check (EHS-BD-CCK) which is part of SAP EHS Management is used only in the context of

Recipe Management (check:

Chapter: Compliance Check (EHS-BD-CCK)

The integration fo SAP GTS with SAP ERP is not only used to execute compliance etc. checks. SAP GTS support you regarding other legal obligations as well. Check e.g. SAP Global Trade Services 10.1 – SAP Help Portal Page

Integration with SAP TM

The integration here is mainly related to Dangrous Goods topic. Check:

Chapter: Considering Dangerous Goods and subchapters

You can execute a "Dangerous Goods Content" upload into SAP TM as well. May be check:

Loading Dangerous Goods Content - Considering Dangerous Goods - SAP Library

In most cases some data need to be transferred from SAP ERP to SAP TM using ALE (e.g. phrases).

Integration with SAP eWM

The integration option is shown here:

EH&S Services in Extended Warehouse Management - SAP Library

With these subchapters:

Dangerous Goods topics:

Hazardous Material topics:

Depending on your SAP landscape etc. you can maintain the EHS data once, create DG Master and HS master and distribute them to SAP eWM.

The use of the new SAP eWM function to control / check the storage of hazardous materials is recommended in comparison to the old solution used with SAP WM.

Integration with SAP BW

May be check:

Chapter:  SAP EHS Management (Enhanced)


Chapter: Data Extraction to BW


and similar links