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Hello Everyone,

I just to write one small document regarding enabling of Change Documents Log for a specification in EHS Specification Management. If you have not done the below mentioned settings, the Change Document Log menu under Extras menu will be in disabled status as shown in the below screen.

To enable the Change Document Log for a Specification, we need to do the following mentioned settings.

Step1: Go to Transaction:- O1CL

Click Enter button.

Step2: Select the table ESTVA and double click on Class Types Folder left-side panel.


System will navigates to the below mentioned screen. Select object ESTVA and see if "Change Docs" is checked or unchecked, If unchecked, run program RCCLUKA2.

Step4: Change Docs is unchecked, we have to run the program “RCCLUKA2”.

Step5: Select object “ESTVA” and manually check "Change Docs".

Step6: Finally, execute report RC1_CHANGE_DOCS_GET in Transaction SE38

Now, try making some change in the Specification and go to table EST_CHANGE_DOCS, you should be able to see the changes.

Hope this document will be useful.

Thanks & Regards,