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Activities in Local System

Setting up an EHS Management Service

Installation of EHSM WWI Generation Server (SP30) on Microsoft Windows7


1. Log on to
your generation PC using the new user localadmin

  • Make sure you choose the local PC domain and not a network domain, because localadmin.

2. Run the file EHSWWI32_30-20000084.exe (where <30> is the Service Pack number).

  • Be advised that the WWI Generation Server must be downloaded for installation of this Building Block.
    Refer to SAP Note

3. For fresh installation - Select Install Generation Server as
setup type and choose Next

For updating the current version – Choose Yes

4. Select SAP R/3 Enterprise 47x200 /SAP ERP 2004 / 6.0 and choose Next

5. The installation wizard asks whether to install the EHSM Management
Service to administrate the EHSM Server Components additionally. Choose

6. Specify the destination folder for the WWI installation. The system suggests the standard SAPgui WWI folder. Choose Next.

7. Enter the license information on the License Check for EHSM WWI screen. Choose Next.

  • Without a license key the server can be installed in an evaluation mode that is restricted to run for 10 days only. For more information refer
    to Note 513330.

8. Directory for temporary WWI Files – C:\WWi\TEMP – Choose Ok

9. The installation wizard asks whether you want to share the SAPRFC.INI file with other installations. Choose Ok.

10. Specify a valid OS User which is capable of being used for service login. Enter the credentials and choose Ok

11. Restart the System

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