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Still there is high interest regarding EHS and report distribution. Therefore I have decided now to generate a seperate document considering this. Please check in any case:

Documents as shown here and potential "on top" links to other documents in SCN.

SAP EHS Management for Beginners

or here

SAP EHS Management for Beginners // Part 2

Out of scope

Report distribution is one of the "more complex" EHS processes with many subprocesses. It is strongly recommended to look for the important SAP OSS consulting note discussing report distribution. This OSS note is mentioned often here.

Most of the problems to list are because of the many customizing which has to be done, because of the fact that we have to consider and understand SAP SD processes (output management) and how to make the SAP SD <=> EHS interface run.

In the process (CVD1) in many cases we have WWI topics to look at, questions regarding "12 month rule" etc.

One of the "top 5" asked questions in this context are:

- how to import reports (documents) in EHS by mass ? (e.g. pdf, rtf or other document types; even if this is not directly linked to report distribution; but some overlap exists regarding customizing)

- how to dispatch documents in "pdf" format (by eMail)

- how to download by mass SDS/MSDS and other documents (extraction of existing documents of many kind)

- how to present SDS/MSDS (and other documents) in a "portal" (e.g. using may be WebDynpro or other technologies of many kind)

In scope

    • Any "import" or "export" of documents
    • CG50/CG54 topics
    • Report distribution

Import of reports

Currently we can differentiate two major options which are used regularly for importing "reports" (e.g. in most cases of type "pdf").

In principle you could "import" a report as well using ALE technique.

For variant 1: this variant is used in daily business to upload one document in one run. User does have a simple user interface to do the upload and to specifiy the document to be uploaded. The "con" of this variant might be: it is more "stripped" to upload SDS/MSDS documents. In any case: in daily business very helpful variant.
For variant 2: this variant is "complexer" in use and can not be used be "end users" and because of very high access rights to be granted is used by consultants only. This variant is used in most cases if there is e.g. an acquisition done and one need to upload by "mass" documents. The "con" of this variant is. you must prepare the "key" file (time consuming) and do a lot of customizing. But this is the "best practice" for mass uploads as delivered by SAP.

Regarding ALE: nether used this option... but you can "import" a document by using ALE (e.g. SAP to SAP connection of Non SAP to SAP).

CG50/CG54 topics

Transaction code CG54 is the so called "Report Information System". Transaction code CG50 is the so called "Report Management system".

CG54 is used in most cases very often by endusers. You can use CG54 to "dispatch" a document (if needed) to customer (external, internal). You can do mass downloads (e.g. ChemTrec Export). But you have access only to "released" and "historic" documents.

The management of all document (in any status) is done in CG50. Here the main intention is to go throught the "release process".

Report distribution

For distribution of Reports we have a:


process in place. You will find below many links to these "subprocesses". The process is as well explained in online help. To prepare a SAP ERP system which is able to support all of the processes is not an easy job. But luckily: there is a OSS consulting note in place which explains teh set up (refer to the many links below)

Practical experience

It is a good idea to check regularly new OSS note as prepared by SAP to improve the report shipment process.
If is as well a good idea to check: if there was a SAP update/upgrade: what is now "new"

KEEP IN MIND THIS: for many places: you can copy the SAP original function module to a customter one to be used in the sipment process. This customer specific function module will not get the updates via OSS note. So if you do a SAP updated/upgrade: it is a good idea to check all the customer specific function modules in the game and to compare them to the SAP original one

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