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SAP Digital Manufacturing provides important feature to display the POD message automatically during multiple action event call which is nothing but at web service call. This Action Event call is nothing but a hook point configuration at operation or resource or router, BOM, Material etc. as per the business requirement. You can use two types of operator a)STARTS WITH and b)EQUALS to call the web service.

Here we are considering to the pass the parameter dynamically on POD message during resource status changed service call using the Low-Code and No-Code feature.

Here we are designing the production process using action control “POD Message” and display the message on Work Center POD with resource name which resource status will be changed.


We are considering the blow apps and activities.

  1. Design Production process app.

  2. Business Rules of Manage Automatic Triggers app.

  3. Event Type is Resource Status Changed on Business Rule.

  4. Work Center POD on POD designer app.

  5. Change Equipment Status plugin activity.

Step-1. Create Message on Design Production Process app

Design the Production process and take the control POD message which will show in a specified type of POD. Here we are considering the Work Center POD and passing the resource dynamically on POD message using Low-Code and No-Code feature. Also use the Start and End Control on Design Production process app and connect them.

Note: Please check below blog as reference to design the production process.

 Pass the parameter as resource dynamically.

Step-2. Select service call from Even type on Business Rule section in Manage Automatic Triggers app

Create the business rule to display the POD message with resource which will pass dynamically during resource unscheduled down.

You can create the business rule by following steps:

  1. Select the Business Rule on Manage Automatic Triggers app.

  2. Click on Create Button.

  3. Give the Business Rule name and Description.

  4. Select the service Resource Status Changed on Event type.

  5. Select the Plant, Resource and status on condition where operator is EQUALS.

  6. Select the production process name on Action Item.

  7. Give the Input parameters value.

  8. Click on Create button

  9. Click on Quick Deploy button and once it is deployed, status will be changed as Current.

Note: Please check below blog as reference to create business rule on Manage Automatic Triggers.

Select the Event type as Resource Status Changed service call and pass the values on condition.

Select the Production Process and pass the input parameters.

Step-3. Use Change Equipment Status Plugin Activity on Work Center POD

You can create the custom Work Center POD which is nothing but a copy of Default Workcenter POD by following steps:

  1. Open the DEFAULT_WC_POD.

  2. Click on “Choose to Copy the POD” on right side corner.

  3. Give the POD name and description(optional).

  4. Click on OK button.

  5. Click on Action button.

  6. Click on configuration.

  7. Click on Assign Actions button.

  8. Add the Plugin activity as Change Equipment Status.

  9. Click on Save

  10. Click on Publish – once it is published, display on tile on Home page. If you are not publishing is then copy the url and open it.

Select the DEFAULT_WC_POD and open it.

Click on “Choose to Copy the POD” button and give the POD name, description(optional) and click on OK button.

Click on Activity button, click on configuration and click on Assign Actions.

Add the Plugin activity.

Now you save and publish the POD.

Step-4. Execute the SFC and trigger Resource Status Changed

Start the sfc for resource and workcenter and click on Change equipment Status Activity on Action button.

Click on Action button.

Select the Change Equipment Status.

Select the Resource status as Unscheduled Down.

Click on Change button.

Resource status is changed and display the message on the POD with resource name.

POD message.




In conclusion, Business Rule of Resource Status Changed service call is playing as an important key role to display the message on POD to know that which resource is unscheduled down. You can display the message on the WC POD as per the requirement and configuration during resource unscheduled down using service call which is triggering automatically from Business rule configuration on Manage Automatic Triggers app.


If you have any questions, please share your comments on answer questions section and any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Sunita Sarkar