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In this blog post, I'll like to share some of my observations while exploring material master at SAP DMC after transferring it from S4HANA system.


# Observation 1: Version

Unlike ME, inbuilt version of a material that has been transferred from ERP has become ERP001, ERP002 and so on in stead A, A-1, A-2… This is good as from the version itself it is identifiable whether transfer from ERP. Though while creation a material locally at DMC any version nomenclature can be adopted.


# Observation 2: Description


In DMC, material description can be maintained in multiple language. material description can be displayed in multiple languages, based on the language web browser setting.

In case material description is getting maintained in multiple language at ERP then after transferring it is getting taken care at DMC automatically.




# Observation 3: Routing & Recipe option


As DMC is capable to handle both discrete and repetitive manufacturing scenario, at material master both routing and recipe selection option exists in case operation wise component allocation is required.


# Observation 4: Production Type

As DMC is capable to handle both discrete and repetitive manufacturing, at material master “SFC-Based” option to be selected for discrete industry scenario where as “Order-Based” to be selected for process industry.


The lot size and quantity restriction fields are updated according to the production type. If an order-based production type is chosen, then the Quantity Restriction field will display Any Number and the Lot Size field will automatically display the high number 999,999,999.000.


# Observation 4: Alternative UoM Supported

In DMC, alternative UoM is supported. But UoM and alternate UoM can neither be maintained nor be edited locally at DMC. It can only be adopted from the source ERP system.



# Observation 5: “Packaging Data” section

“Packaging Data” Section is only visible if material type is selected as “Finished”, “Packaging”, “Returnable Packaging” or “Semi-finished Product”

But packaging information are not transferable from ERP. To be maintained locally at DMC.


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Thanks & Best Regards


Soumya Das

SME - SAP Manufacturing