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To upload the Specification data into Specification data base we use OCC,

OCC needs certain format to update the data , we can upload both online and offline data modes.


The sequence of the columns is not predefined. However, SAP recommends you enter the specification ID in the firstcolumn, and that you use the next to import identifiers to the specification.InSpecification Management, identifiers are stored in table ERSTI. Therefore, the first letter for mapping identifiers is"I".The value "IDENT" follows a colon for the field in which the identifier is stored. Information about identifier type (fieldIDTYPE) and category (field IDCAT) follow, separated by commas.


Note : For specification data should be present in 4 th line.

First save as Text Tab delimited .txt

Main portion:

Based on the tables used in SAP EH&S ,

Example : ESTRH for Specification Header and H (Table) : SUBID (field) is the syntax we used to update the data.Following table and Syntax structure Table and Field which is used to update the data for OCC.

H: ESTRH (specification header)

I: ESTRI (identifier)

M: Property in property tree

U: ESTDU (usage)

U: EXCLFLG (exclude indicator)

U: ACTVFLG (active indicator)

U: ESNTFLG (relevance indicator)

F: ESTDF (user defined text)

S: Source

R: Assessment

L: Regulatory list

A: Administration data for the value assignment type data record

V: Inheritance

7: Transport approval data

B: Packaging approval data

😧 Dangerous goods classification data

F: Transport classification data

T:   Fields from external tables

String :

/STRING - A numeric value is read in the text form defined in the SAP classification system (for example 1–2 mg/kg). This option has no effect when writing. The decimal separator is always set to the English.

Phrases upload (field Data) :











Note : For Phrase upload data should be start from second Row .

First change it to Text Tab De limited .txt then save as PIT.

Phrase Data Structure :



Here is the common example data attached ,

With the below format Header data, we can create the excel to upload into SAP.


Next blog will be on Property tree structure loading using OCC tool.


Source :Fact Mapping


See you soon Thanks for your time.



- Satya