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In addition to posting a question here at SCN and on  LinkedIn, I discussed the subject with some colleagues and got some interesting feedback. Here is a quick summary of what I learned;

1) In the case of a project where each individual (from Project Manager and Change Manager to Consultants) has unique responsibilities, there will be various levels of evaluation each with different weights.

  • There will be an overall evaluation of the team on project delivery where the performance will be measured against the project goal.

  • The next level of evaluation will be on individual roles to see whether or not they met their objectives at the end of the project.

  • The least weight will be assigned to the earlier milestones i.e. the earliest stage having less weight than the advanced one.

The Change Manager, in this case, is responsible for getting the solution adopted. How well the results of the project were received will be counted toward his/her performance. He/she will be rewarded for the contributions at different phases and on how good each phase was closed.

2) In the context of a Customer CoE however, where the support organization is supporting the implemented solution, each role may have more than one engagements in a given timeframe. The assessment of individuals' performance in such scenario will be ongoing and someway different.

  • The evaluation will mainly be based on the Projects, Change Requests or Support Tickets handling.

  • The next level of evaluation will be for HR related stuff including Time Administration.

The Change Manager, in such scenario, will mainly be evaluated on individual activities such as ADKAR (a Change Management Model by  Prosci), for instance on creating awareness of upcoming functionalities for business, arranging & organizing knowledge sessions to ensure ability of the solution beneficiaries, as well as on acquiring required  feedback to diagnose gaps and seek team's support on reinforcing the changes. 

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In last two years, I'm part of a SAP Customer CoE and on a Change Management role and have seen the function getting matured since its incorporation in the hierarchy of the support organization. While I'm learning (and sharing) the lessons, I'd appreciate if you could share your experiences.