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From the BOM for a material you can create the composition of a specification that is assigned to the material in the SAP Product Safety component.

This means that material safety data sheet shipping is guaranteed even if a material is updated that contains one or more environmentally relevant materials in its bill of material (BOM).

Bill of material transfer includes:

  • Customizable selection of BOMs and BOM items to be transferred
  • Creating or changing a specification and its composition
  • Manual or automatic BOM transfer
  • Automatic data generation by the EH&S Expert
  • BOM transfer log
  • In Customizing for Product Safety under Interfaces ®
  • The specifications involved (of the category substance) do not react with each other.
  • The BOM items must be assigned to exactly one specification in material-specification assignment in the Product Safety component.
  • The units of measurement for the BOM items must be specified in the same dimension (weight or volume).


To create a bill of substance

  1.    Make sure the material say P182, is environmentally relevant from the Material master by enabling the checks on Basic data 2 view.
  2.     Each material (components) must have a specification assigned to it.
  3. .    Go to transaction CS01 and list the components for the material P182 and save it.

SAP Menu

  1. Sap Menu - Logistics - Production - Master Data- Bill of material - Material BOM -Create

Transaction code


4.   Make sure that the components listed are also environmentally relevant.

Go to the Specification workbench and assign the material P182 to specification P182 in the material assignment tab of the Specification Header.

Note: Any number of materials can be assigned to the specification and any number of BOMS can be maintained.

Transfer of BOM

SAP Menu

Sap Menu -Product Safety - Tools - Bill of material transfer

Transaction code


Now enter the material, the plant it belongs to and press Enter.

  1.    Select the BOM P182-1100-1-02 in the worklist for which the composition is to be generated and click Reset error entry icon and then click on execute icon to have

the composition for bill of material P182 generated successfully with a tick mark.

  • If a material-specification assignment exists, the SAP System assigns the specification key to the BOM.
  • If no material-specification assignment exists, you can assign a specification manually. Otherwise, the SAP System creates a specification during generation.

From the worklist, the following functions are available:

  • Triggering generation of the composition from the BOM
  • Deleting an entry in the worklist
  • Displaying the log
  • Resetting an error entry

The system uses the identification type, identification category, and language to check whether the identifiers have changed and transfers the changes as necessary.

  1.    Now move back to the specification workbench using tcode CG02BD . Select the specification P182, choose the Standard property tree and double click on VAT- Exact composition based on products.
  2. The bill of substances is maintained under the Composition tab.