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Dear audience,

thanks a lot to all who joined our session DEV112, where you could learn about Open Source as strategic task for SAP – live on November 18th or afterwards, by watching the recording!

The session material is available online for your reference. Of course, also a record of the questions that we've received via the chat is available on the session page. Our introduction blog post for the session is as well still online.

Moreover, we also provide some additional content to the questions that we've received during the session:

License Classification

Question: Any chance that classification of open source software you guys have is published? Would be an amazing point of reference!

Please see our session material for details. In addition, here's the classification table that we shared during the session that describes the differences between permissive, recursive and restrictive open source licenses.

SAP OSPO License Classification

Acceptance of open source projects in companies

Question: Are there recommendations available somewhere of how to get code created via open source projects "accepted" within companies?

We recommend having a look at the content that is published by the TODO Group - SAP is also a member of this group of organizations that want to collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective open source projects and programs. They published a number of guides to manage open source properly in a company.

If you have additional questions, feel free to post a comment here, to reach out to me or to contact the SAP Open Source Program Office.

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