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The new Open Documentation Initiative for SAP Integration Suite allows you to contribute to the SAP Help Portal documentation while collaborating with SAP’s authors and experts. Let’s make that effort worth your time – with exclusive contribution badges to honor your contribution and expertise! 

As any community, SAP Community thrives because its members invest time, energy, and knowledge to help each other solve problems. Our most active members receive badges and honors, which award them for their commitment and time investment. You can receive badges for, for example, 

  • writing blogs, 

  • voting on questions, 

  • sharing your expertise, 

  • or giving quick responses. 

To get an overview of all badges currently available, see: Current Missions and Badges 

Badge for Collaboration: Open Documentation Initiative  

You can now also earn badges for collaborating with us! Highly recommended, of course, to show off your contributions to SAP Help Portal or our tutorials - gotta collect them all! 

  • Open Documentation Initiative – Contribute Content: Help improve SAP documentation by contributing content via a GitHub pull request. 

  • Open Documentation Initiative – Provide Feedback: Help improve SAP documentation by providing feedback via a GitHub issue. 

  • Tutorials – Improve Content: Help improve the SAP Developer Tutorials by contributing content or improvements to an existing tutorial via a GitHub pull request. 

  • Tutorials – Provide Feedback: Help improve the SAP Developer Tutorials by providing feedback via a GitHub issue. 

Examples of badges

To receive your exclusive badge, go to the documentation for SAP Integration Suite and collaborate with us! For more information on how to do that, see the blog article Collaborate with Us