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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Run better together with open source!

After a year of our successful internal open source webinar series, it is time to share our knowledge and best-practices with external audiences interested in open source insights, projects and SAP’s engagement. We believe that sharing and co-innovating creates value and would like you be part in our journey with open source.

New open source webinars for SAP ecosystem

In the upcoming months we will host open source enthusiasts and experts of different areas such as security, legal compliance, tools, technology etc. in a 45 minute webinar and offer our SAP ecosystem to learn how SAP manages open source, share best-practise and present some of the ongoing projects and future developments.


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To our first webinar on April 22nd, we invited Mark Crawford, Director of Standards Strategies in the SAP Standards Strategy and Engagement Office. Mark does research to identify strategic opportunities for standards engagement with a focus on application and business network. Besides, he works closely with product owners to infuse standards and represents SAP in national and international standards activities. Mark will talk about open standards and some of the key partnerships taking place in the Open Source and Open Standards community with an eye towards what developers need to know to be successful in this brave new world of collaboration.

Open Standards

Just some words to explain the nature of open standards: they are specifications that have been developed to allow interoperability and are licensed in an open manner. They define compliance requirements for organizations, individuals, products, and last, but not least, software. From SAP’s perspective, the most important types of open standards are Technology Standards and Business Standards. Both, technology and business standards, can also be considered an Industry Standard if they have been adopted and/or endorsed by a Group, Trade Association, or collaborative agreement of participants in an industry. One recent example is the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, co-created by SAP where requirements like documents are being created. Gaia-X is another example where we see standards like deliverables being developed, in conjunction with open source activities.

As an example for the use and benefit of open standards, look at the many interfaces that the Internet of Things needs to handle appropriately for assuring a seamless communication between devices and systems; to tie these massive, diverse technology options together open standards guarantee connectivity and allow to transfer data.

What will you learn?

The upcoming webinar “Open Source and Open Standards – From Enemies to Frenemies to Friends and Beyond” with Mark Crawford (Open Standards Expert) will give you insights into this field of collaborative practice to facilitate interoperability and data exchange. With the advent of Open Source after the turn of the century, the Standards Community and many large software vendors saw the Open Source community in the same way that skiers saw snowboarders – with distrust, disdain and downright antagonism. Fortunately, that early environment has significantly improved, much to the benefit of both sides.  Now we see open and active partnerships between the two communities as the lines between them continually blur in terms of contribution practices, organizational structures, and even licensing terms.

In this webinar, you will hear about the opportunities organizations have to leverage the environments that use both open source and open standards. Find out why open source is evolving more and more towards a more structured approach with specific rules and policies whereas leading standards organizations are establishing open source rules, guidelines, and initiatives as part of their overall strategy.

The Open Source Program Office is the host of this new webinar series, inviting customers, partners and our developer community to learn and discuss.

What's next?

Let me share a short look-ahead to our webinar on May 18, which will touch a completely different aspect of open source and openness: Security and risk mitigation for open source components with the title “Open Source Supply Chains - How Attackers Poison the Well”. Our speaker will be Henrik Plate, a senior researcher at SAP Security Research in France. His current interest focuses on the secure consumption of open source software. He also is a co-author of Eclipse Steady, which supports the detection, assessment and mitigation of vulnerable code in Java and Python applications.

REGISTRATION to webinar on May 18

Stay tuned with future sessions on our Twitter channel, or check out announcements at SAP Community Events, and learn more about SAP and open source through our open source podcasts, blog posts or our landing page.



After event information for the "Open Source and Open Standards Webinar: Please find here the recording or the slides.
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