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Your feedback as an SAP customer or partner is instrumental in ensuring that we tailor our SAP Help Portal content to best suit your needs. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, and our Open Documentation Initiative contribution process bears testimony to it. Which is why the English version of our Custom Domain Manager and Custom Domain Service guides, the main onboarding documents for creating and managing custom domains in the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment, are now also available on GitHub.

The GitHub collaboration process that we’ve put in place allows us to easily interact with you, our audience. A GitHub account is all you need to give us open and quick feedback, or even proposals for improving our content.

To get started, take a look at this introduction video and blog post.

There are two ways in which you can reach out to us with comments or suggestions.

How to Edit Content (for specific comments or proposals):

  1. Open the guide that you want to provide feedback for on the SAP Help Portal.

  2. Choose Feedback and then Edit page to open the Markdown file of the current page.

    Figure 1: Edit Content

  3. Choose the pencil icon to edit the displayed Markdown file.

    Figure 2: Edit Markdown File

  4. Add your comment or proposal.

  5. Finally, create a pull request. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Once your change is accepted, your feedback comments are merged on GitHub and the resulting connect is republished to the SAP Help Portal.

How to Provide Feedback (for general improvement ideas or questions):

  1. Open the documentation for which you want to provide feedback.

  2. Choose Feedback and then Create issue to open a new issue in GitHub for the current page.

    Figure 3: Provide Feedback

  3. When you’re done writing your comment, submit your issue. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

Alternatively, choose Comments to leave a comment specific to that SAP Help Portal page.

Figure 4: Enter Comments


Collaborating with us on GitHub earns you a shiny new badge on SAP Community: the “Open Documentation Initiative – Contribute Content” badge!

Now that you’re familiar with how this whole process works, set up your GitHub account and have a look at our contribution guidelines.

If you have any questions or issues with the process itself, you can raise an issue on the Contribution Guidelines repository directly using this issue template that has the "meta" label assigned. Note that this is for when you want to create an issue about the process itself, as opposed to an issue about documentation content.

Also, do share any feedback or thoughts that you may have, in a comment.

We’re looking to you, the SAP community, to help us make this collaborative initiative a success. Thanks!

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