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It took us some time to release Fundamental NGX version 0.31. This is the biggest release yet by far 🤩. It includes ~20 new features and components and more than 200 improvements, fixes, and documentation updates.

Almost all of the new staff worths special attention and more details. I will try to list them all without going into too much details in this blog post. I hope to have time to write separate posts for all them soon.

  • Moment Date Time Adapter - the fundamental date picker, time picker, date time picker components rely on provided date-time implementation and date-time formats. These components could be used with FdDatetimeAdapter, based on the JavaScript's native Date object, but one of the biggest shortcomings of the native Date object is the inability to set the parse format. As an alternative could be the MomentDateAdapter or a custom DateAdapter that works with the formatting/parsing library of your choice. This is coming as a separate npm package (@fundamental-ngx/moment-adapter)


  • Platform Table Features (custom column width and resizing) - we didn't stop adding new features to the platform table and in this release we focused on resizing and allowing custom column width


  • Platform Approval Flow Phase 3 and 4 features - ability to add the first and parallel approvers; improve editing approvers, ability to disable setting due date; add functionality to have multiple final nodes; while adding a new node as parallel add the ability to remain parallel to the current node or to the next serial node.


  • Form Generator - it is a component that generates forms based on data. It supports form layout with multiple responsive forms; automatic component rendering without predefines template; ability to extend the default set of controls; dynamic validators. The component reduces the boiler-plate code.


  • Wizard Generator - another component that allows you to create a full page wizard with minimal code. It provides ability to dynamically generate Wizard without any user-provided templates. Steps are dynamically rendered based on steps object input.


  • Responsive Popover for mobile mode. Popover Mobile Mode can be configured globally by providing MOBILE_MODE_CONFIG token


  • Date Time Formatter Pipes -Introduces 3 new pipes for formatting dates based up on the dates provided to DATE_TIME_FORMATS by the developer. dateFormatPipe formats datesdateTimeFormatPipe formats datetimesdateFromNowPipe can potentially be used to display how much time has passed since a date - this is currently not implemented with the default DATE_TIME_FORMATS/FdDateTimeAdapter but will be easy to add to the adapter when using moment.js or some similar library.



  • Core Package Split - split core library into multiple sub-packages, while still keeping legacy way of imports. Recommended way of importing files from the core library now is following:

import {DialogModule, DialogService} from '@fundamental-ngx/core/dialog';

Happy hacking!

The full release notes can be found here.

Stay tuned for more updates. Want to read more blog posts about Fundamental Library? Check these out or visit out brand new Topic Page

Feel free to raise any questions or try our libraries in case you didn’t have a chance.