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Fall is our second favourite F-word. Fundamental Conference is our first. After a successful event last year, Fundamental Conference is returning this fall on September 29th. Join the virtual event where designers and developers share their stories and expertise on design, front-end development, accessibility, and performance. Participants from around the world are welcome to attend Fundamental Conf 2022.


New to Fundamental Conference?

The Fundamental Conference was firstly introduced in 2021 by the Fundamental Library team. The conference was intended to create a friendly environment where designers with their creativity and developers with their critical thinking join forces to bring the best approaches in the future of design and development. Motivated by the major success of the first event, the Fundamental Library team decided to turn it into a yearly tradition. Considering that the conference is offered online, many participants and speakers from all around the world are able to come together in one place.

Why YOU should join Fundamental Conference 2022?

The event was created to bring together the designers’ and developers’ communities to share their ideas and approaches in a friendly and engaging environment. In addition to the Fundamental Library team, which is putting this event together, you will get to meet designers and developers from different companies and diverse backgrounds. This year we are bringing a list of diverse topics:

Efficient Design
Enterprise Web Development
Scalable Architectures

Fundamental Conference is an inclusive conference and as such, it encourages everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, to be part of it. Take this opportunity to expand your network by interacting with our speakers on their social media. Download our calendar blocker to save the date and keep an eye out for updates on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn. We beleaf to see you there.🍂