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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear fans of collaboration,

this is Jens, the project lead of the Open Documentation Initiative.

Since the beginning of the initiative in May 2021, you can get a badge if we find your feedback valuable. But did you know that we also count every issue and pull request you make in our repositories no matter if your feedback is reflected in the documentation? 

Thanks to that, I found out that the top 3 contributors - based on how many issues and pull requests they created since the start of the initiative - are (tada!):

Many thanks to you and all others in the SAP community who come up with suggestions and engage in a conversion about what's bothering them about the documentation. 

So how can you earn a badge? If your feedback improves the documentation, your issue or pull request is labeled with the contribution label, and - if you didn't contribute already in that repository - the following message comes up:  


The bot asks for your SAP community URL, because there is no way that we can map your GitHub account to your SAP community user. Note that it may take 1-2 weeks until you receive your badge.

Once you got a badge, you couldn't receive it again, because since the start of the project in May 2021, we only had two. Once you got them, there was no way to earn collect more no matter how much more feedback you provided. That's not fair for contributors who provide frequent feedback.

That's why we now introduce yearly badges: In each new calendar year, you can get a new badge. They look the same, except that we added the year when you received it:

Contribute contentContribute contentProvide feedbackProvide feedback

So what are you waiting for? Whenever you're stuck in the documentation, look for the Edit button. If it's there, the guide was onboarded already for the initiative. Go for it and get our new badges! 😁

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Thank you, @je-hal for mentioning. Excited to know that I am the top contributor!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Congratulations @Mohamed_Yousuf 😊

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

With pleasure @je-hal ! Great initiative!


This is excellent news. I will try to contribute more and more to get these badges. 

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