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When I organised last year's SAP Community running event here in Melbourne I was blown away by the support from SAP Community members around the world. Absolutely awesome. If you tuned in for this last year you would have known that on the 1st June 2022 Melbourne had possibly the worst weather of the entire year. 🙂 It was seriously bad which meant that only machillanda and I ran. I am hoping that the weather this year will be better!!

This year the #GlobalRunningDay will be held on Wednesday 7th June 2023 but you can run or walk virtually anytime between 3rd June and 11th June so get ready to get your running shoes on. This will be our second SAP Community running event in Melbourne and I am so excited for this.

All SAP Community members are welcome and if you don’t want to run - you can walk or cycle!

The plan is to meet in the morning and run around the tan which is a very well known running track. As per the below diagram we will meet at the Pillars of Wisdom. The track is around 3.8km.

Map of the tan

A more detailed map is here:


Event Information

Date: Wednesday 7th June 2023

Time: 7:30am (AEST - Melbourne Time)

Activity: Run/Walk/Cycle around the tan

After: Head to the SAP Mastering conference in Melbourne for the start of the conference - starting at 8:30am AEST.

Join Us! 

Last year we created a running group in Melbourne on the Global Running Day website however all of this has changed. Teams are no longer registered but we have something better. We have set up an event in the SAP Community so please register and let us know whether you will be joining us via this link: Global Running Day - Melbourne.


On The Day

On the day itself we would welcome everyone adding a comment on this post with a photo and running times (optional) using hashtags #GlobalRunningDay and #SAPCommunity. Those that do (from the 3rd June to 11th June) will earn a badge showcasing their support for this initiative and to also recognise their contributions in the SAP Community.

Here is what the cool badge looks like:

SAP Community Global Running Day badge

You can also tell us about the event in your country/city/location in this Coffee Corner discussion - feel free to share photos and how it all goes! Hopefully weather is good everywhere on the day!

Global Callout

Last year I had other SAP Community buddies answer my call to support the Global Running Day in their country. This was pretty cool so here is hoping we can all do this together again in 2023. - ran in Manchester! With your Narrow boat coming along mate will you be on the water or on land? 🙂

thomas.zurek - ran in Walldorf

l_stodal - ran in Mannheim

stephaniedecamara.marley - ran in Philadelphia

katherine.kenneally - ran in Ireland

Looking forward to hearing about other events around the world!

Not long now and I cannot wait to see everyone in action. 

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