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We are excited to announce that plans are underway to organize the SAP Inside Track Munich (sitMUC) event this fall (October / November). As we gear up for this community-driven gathering, we invite you to be a part of the organizing team and contribute to its success. Your support, ideas, and involvement can make a significant difference in shaping the famous "sitMUC experience". The sitMUC is not just an event; it's a platform for learning, collaboration, and networking. This blog post serves as a call to action, motivating you to join us and share your expertise, suggestions, and enthusiasm. Together, we can make sitMUC an outstanding event that enriches the SAP community in Munich and beyond.


Areas Where Your Support is Needed

  1. Venue Search: Finding the perfect location to host sitMUC is crucial. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for suitable venues that can accommodate our diverse needs, including presentation spaces, breakout rooms, and networking areas.

  2. Sponsor Relations: We need individuals who can take on the responsibility of establishing and maintaining relationships with potential sponsors.

  3. Speaker Management: Great speakers are at the heart of sitMUC, delivering insightful sessions and sharing their expertise. We seek volunteers who can assist in speaker outreach and communication.

  4. Program Development: We encourage you to share your ideas for session topics, panel discussions, and interactive activities that would be of interest to the SAP community. Your input can help shape a diverse and engaging program that caters to different skill levels, industries, and emerging trends.

  5. Volunteer Opportunities: Various other roles, such as social media promotion, event photography, and session moderation, will be available during sitMUC. If you are interested in contributing in any capacity, please reach out to us. Every effort, big or small, is highly appreciated and valued.


The success of the sitMUC event relies on the active participation and support of the community. We invite you to be part of the organizing team or to offer your ideas, suggestions, and expertise. Just leave a comment below or contact us directly. We eagerly await your contributions and look forward to working with you towards a remarkable sitMUC event.


Best regards,

SAP Stammtisch Munich Community

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