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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

There are two things that define Beatriz’ innermost. First, there is her brain. “I love maths and solving problems with logic”, the 29-year-old explains. “But then there is also my heart. And in my heart, I just love people and animals very much and want to make the world a better place.” Her young dog Bolacha and her elderly cat Valentim could certainly testify to their care and love. Same goes for the children and teenagers she used to teach back home in Brazil. After all, Beatriz wanted to put her passion for foreign languages and teaching to use.  

“To me, the most important thing in life is family and caring”, she says. Beatriz is convinced that “our family gives us the base, security, and love to discover new things. And our caring drives us to a level which the growth of the other is as important as ours. The difference we want to see in the world, must start with us in our home and spread through our teaching, learning, and with the best that exists within our heart.” And there it is again – her heart. Seems like most times it has the upper hand.  

"SAP was the dream"

At least until it comes to work. That’s when Beatriz’ brain begins to set the tone. As a Senior Technical Consultant at SAP, she bears the great responsibility for a well-known customer that operates in the oil, natural gas, and energy industry and ensures the seamless integration between SAP S/4HANA and SAP Ariba. And she couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity, she says. “My master goal was always to work at SAP. SAP was the dream, and I was willing to meet any challenge along the way, to learn everything I need to get there.” And that’s what Beatriz did – with the support from a very special person in her life. 

It was her father Mario, who passed away a few months ago, who supported her all the way. “He was an SAP BW consultant for numerous years – which made me interested in the area and in the SAP world”, Beatriz explains. “Even during high school, I studied and received from my father links related to SAP technical and functional content, enabling me to acquaint myself with the terminologies and contemplate which module aligned best with my career aspirations.” Later, she enrolled in an intensive course for SAP ABAP. The outcome was immediate: Beatriz was offered an internship position, and afterwards her first full-time position with her first company. But the dream of working at SAP never died down.  

Her father never stopped saying how proud he was

“Tech always brings new things and I always want to give my best – so I learn”, she says. “After all, we can’t get used to our comfortable zone, so we must get ourselves better in each step of the way. I learned that after my father had died.” Hence, Beatriz completed more training with the help of SAP Learning resources. “When I am confronted with a new challenge or I want to extend my horizon in new subjects, I use SAP platforms to guide me through the journey.” And almost two years ago, she was hired by SAP.  

“All the places I’ve worked for and all the difficulties I had to overcome was aiming to work in this huge, powerful, and incredible company”, she says. “I have in my heart an enormous gratitude of being part of the team I’m working for and for the job I’m executing.” Her father had never stopped saying how proud he was of his girl, Beatriz recalls. In the end, she thinks, she united both brain and heart in the one job that brings her more gratitude and joy than she could describe.  

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