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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

When he grew up, jhodel18 wanted to follow in the footsteps of his dad and uncle. “I guess it’s what happens when you are little”, he says. “The people in your family become your role models. And my dad and uncle graduated as mechanical engineers,” so I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering almost 20 years ago.” But Jhodel had a hobby from an early age that always accompanied him, and that was not part of his family tradition: He liked programming – a lot.  

One place with all the answers

“I had a passion for programming and back then, I didn’t know it was that strong”, Jhodel looks back. When the SAP boom happened in the beginning of the 2000’s, he entered the world of ABAP development – and turned to SAP. “I’ve always been the one to google the right answer and skim the internet for it”, Jhodel explains. “All the info is there; you just need to find it.” And Jhodel found the SAP Community, which became – alongside free SAP courses – his main source for upskilling and learning on his own terms.  


Jhodels sister created an artwork about his journey to the cloud.

“At first, I was afraid to ask the wrong questions”, he says, “but the exchange in the community is truly welcoming and rewarding. Ever since I’m taking part in discussions, Q&A’s, write own blogs, and benefit from learning with peers.” The doubts he had in the very beginning, were quickly washed away. “I believe SAP is moving into the right direction and I know that it will prevail.” 

SAP skills are rewarding – in more ways than one

For Jhodel, his newly gained skills soon paid off – in the truest sense of the word. “SAP helped me pay my bills in the first place – but there is more to it. “One of the earliest factors was that I moved to work overseas too, far away from my comfort zone.” Jhodel met new people, made new friends, saw new places, he recounts. “I learned from other people with other beliefs and cultures and that was very rewarding.”  

At the same time, he was able to give back something. “My new skills allowed me to give value to the people.” Working as a technical architect today, he helps organizations to modernize their IT solutions and processes through the use of the latest SAP solutions. He takes responsibility in upskilling their development teams and guides them to produce high-quality solutions. “With my SAP skills, I can help customers and their businesses. I can bring value to them and the industry, and it’s way more rewarding than staying in my non-SAP back-office all the time.” He feels satisfied, he says. “And proud, and happy to help businesses run better and improve people’s lives.” 

Start your own success story

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