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Will there be any alternative solution to the new 'Verify Course Completion button' for AICC classes

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In our testing for the new Course Home we have found there is a new 'Verify Course Completion' button which users are required to click on for the course to be marked as complete. We have had a lot of completion issues over the last couple of years so I have raised a ticket to query this as I believe this is going to cause customer confusion and create more completion issues. I understand that this has been added to resolve completion issues, but as it is not clear that users have to click on this - there is no instruction or indication they have to select it - It is likely they will miss or ignore it and we are going to have more issues than before.

Are there any further plans around this or is there anything that can be done to mitigate this?

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My suggestion is to report it as a change in the Improvement Request or if errors occur, report to SAP Support. I will do that, because I got some bugs from my customers.
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Hi Jay,

Could you please try this